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Home massage therapy takes many forms, all of them relaxing and rejuvenating.

I love the sheer joy of a therapeutic massage, and the privacy and elegance of a home setting.  So my massage therapist has a home business, with flowers and ferns and a waterfall cascading down.  The whole setting is just lovely, quite reminiscent of a tropical isle.  Her lotions and candles are equally exotic.

Call me biased, but I’ve never enjoyed a massage from a male masseur.  I much prefer the gentler approach of a female masseuse, no matter what style of massage she is presenting.  And virtually all styles of massage lend themselves easily to a home business environment.

Styles Of Massage For A Home Based Business

The Swedish Massage is the style that most of us are familiar with.  It is long strokes designed to relax weary aching muscles.

Neuromuscular Massage deals with chronic pain circulation, nerve compression, postural issues,  and biomechanical problems that can be caused by repetitive movement injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage works on trouble spots and chronic conditions.  The Hot Stone therapy that you see above is often combined with Deep Tissue, urging the massage benefits to reach deeper into your body.

More and more pregnant women are looking to Pregnancy Massage to help them prepare for the delivery, and to relieve the stresses that pregnancy causes.

Reflexology focuses on your foot, with different parts of your foot leading to stress and pain relief in different parts of your body.

Shiatsu Massage is a form of acupressure, finding key points in your body to relieve stresses and pains.

A Sports Massage therapists often focus on one or two unique sports, like tennis or golf.  These sports put unusual stresses on particular parts of our body, and these therapists focus primarily on those.  Many Sports Massage therapists will incorporate other techniques as well.

I often see a Chair Massage therapist at the gym I attend.  She offers 20 minute massages (fully clothed and in public view) while the patient is sitting on a special padded chair that allows for neck, shoulder and back massaging.

In a Thai Massage, the therapist uses her body to manipulate the patient, and it includes includes compression of muscles, mobilization of joints, and acupressure.

There are other styles of massage therapy, but these are the main ones.  Each and every one of these can be performed at home.  Some require a special table or equipment, but none of them require a full spa or clinic setting.

Remember too that most of these services can be performed at your client’s home, and some work well in a business environment.  Don’t limit your options, rather expand them.

Expanding To An Online Business

There are a couple of ways that you can develop your massage business into a profitable online venture.

First, give coaching for couples.  Private sessions.  Teach each how to massage the other.  Very nice.  Very romantic.  Very therapeutic.

Create downloadable courses on how to do home massage.  Show different types of massage, or work with “beginners”, then “pros”.  This definitely establishes you as The Pro in your field, no small accomplishment.

Create an ebook with drawings or photos showing massage techniques.  Sell it on your own website, or on others’ websites.

Sell the equipment that is used in the various forms of massage.

Create unique music for massage session and set it up as a download.

There are lots of ways that this can expand your business exponentially.   Take an hour or so and really brainstorm just what you can do.  You might surprise yourself.

Requirements For A Successful Home Massage Therapy Business

(1)  The Right Training.  Each of these styles of massage, and any other that you choose to pursue, requires a special type of training.  Few areas can offer trainers in all styles, so you may need to travel to a different geographical location to get the training you need.  Factor the cost of that training into your start up costs.

(2)  The Right Environment.  I think I enjoy my massage therapist because of the ambiance she has created, as much as for the massage itself.  It is peaceful and luxurious.  While her home is not in a particularly elite area, she has truly put a great deal of thought into bringing a whole experience into her massage work.

(3)  Friendly Neighbors or Secluded Area.  There is still a lingering suspicion about “massage therapists”, that they offer some type of illicit sex activity.   While you and I may know that isn’t true, it is still an issue that you need to consider when opening your home business.  Should your neighbors be the suspicious type, you may need to take your services to your clients’ homes instead.

(4)  Strong Referral Base.  Medical people like physicians, nurses, dentists, physical therapists are your strongest referral base.  Also look to beauticians and manicurists — their clientele is likely your clientele.  Ads in the paper don’t seem to do much for independent massage therapists, even though it does work for full day spa operations.  Midwives and doulas are excellent referral sources for those offering pregnancy massage.

(5)  Check Licensing Requirements.  Because of the suspicions noted above, it is especially important to check out all licensing requirements for your home business.  It is most common that a home business adhere to noise reduction requirements and parking restrictions, neither of which will restrict your business.  Having a formal license from your training institution will go a long way in easing the licensing process.

A home massage therapy business requires no computer whatsoever.  It is a great service business for those with the expertise to present themselves well.

Is this an option that you are considering?  How will you present yourself?  Please jot a comment below!