SEO for small websitesWhat do you do with a great piece of art, a book cover or a logo?

Well, don’t let it get away.

TURN IT INTO A REAL BOOK, hardcover or soft or Kindle

Once in a while, you’ve just got the cover before the book.  Hey, it happens.

Take the cover for LET’S TANGO.  I have actually used it twice.  I love the tango image, and I love the message, i.e., Let’s work together to make something spectacular.

This particular book is not for sale; it is part of the From Passion to Prosperity Master Class.  However, if you do print the book commercially, do use the same image on all editions of your book whether it is hard cover, soft cover or Kindle, or all three.  It may sound like a truism, but keeping the same cover helps create your company branding.  Don’t change the background color, or the font color, or anything else.


Whether you use the paid version of Audible, or the free version, a stand out cover is definitely a requirement.  Use essentially the same cover that you have used for the other editions of your book.  The sizing may change, but the basic design should remain the same.

When you first speak with your designer, let her know which options you will be using so she can re-size them accordingly.


There are dozens of products that might benefit from that great art.  Set up a shop on CafePress or Zazzle.  Plunk that design down everywhere it might possibly go.  How about:

  • tote bags
  • mouse pads
  • baseball caps
  • stone coasters
  • mugs
  • tee shirts
  • dishwasher magnets
  • shower curtains
  • bath mats
  • bathroom scales
  • light switch covers
  • night lights
  • dog beds
  • pet clothing
  • aprons
  • cutting boards
  • serving trays
  • can coolers
  • travel mugs
  • clocks
  • throw pillows
  • keepsake boxes
  • outdoor pillows
  • Igloo coolers
  • golf balls
  • playing cards

Setting up products on Cafe Press and Zazzle is completely free.  These are “print on demand” sites, so they won’t print up a slew of your products and hold them in inventory — that would cost a lot of money. What they do is wait until there is an order, then they custom print that order and send it out.

The trick is to include your logo somewhere, or the link to your website or blog.  It then becomes a solid promotional piece for a long time to come.

Setting Up Shop

Put these items in a shop on your site, or sprinkle them throughout the pages.  Every time someone clicks, it will take them to your Cafe Press or Zazzle store where they can see more.  As the artist, you will receive commissions from Cafe Press and Zazzle as both the artist and as the seller, so you can make some nice money this way.

Giveaways and Prizes

Also use them as giveaways, or as prizes.  Make sure your 5,000th “Like” gets a nice reward.  Run a contest with your logo gifts as rewards.

Bundle Up Incentive

Bundle these with other items that you make and sell.  Do you sell cookware?  When someone buys $200 worth of cookware, send them an apron with your logo/artwork.

This is where your creativity comes into play.  Do stuff that no one else is doing.  Demonstrates your professionalism.  Show your clients how much you care.

Do you have another idea of what you might do with your art?  Do make a note below — I’d really love to hear it!