People who can write fancy treatises and ten pound reports seem to have real trouble writing a simple love letter, but as a home business this may be your bailiwick.

Here’s The Scoop on Writing Love Letters As a Business:

Image of crafted heartIncome potential:   Moderate to Pretty Good
Computer skills needed:   Yes
Online business?   Absolutely.  And off-line too.
Part time/ Full time   Start part time; can grow to full time
Growth potential   Good
Skills needed:   A romantic spirit.  Ability to listen to people and hear what they aren’t telling you.
Start Up Costs: Minimal
Overall rating: B



Writing love letter is a good business because of the clientele you will be working with.

Most people who hire a writer to write love letters are

  • Deeply in love, or certainly courting
  • Probably shy
  • Have better than average income, and may be very wealthy.

If this description fit you, how much would you be willing to pay to have some custom letters or notes written to your intended?  Probably a tidy sum.

Then think of the other options you might add to your repertoire, like

  • Writing wedding vows
  • Writing wedding toasts
  • Writing proposal letters
  • Creating ebooks with a collection of each of the above types of letter.  With this option, your audience expands exponentially.
  • Create custom cards, perhaps like the heart design above, or have sources for very unique designs.
  • Write “I’m sorry” letters and notes of reconciliation.
  • Become a “love tweeter”, writing sweet and sassy love tweets
  • Write your note in calligraphy

At first glance, the notion of being a “love letter writer” sounds pretty far fetched.  In reality, however, there are truly lots of options to choose from.  Mix and match ideas to come up with a business that is truly yours.

Promoting Your Letter Writing Business

Effectively promoting such a business requires as much creativity as the writing itself.  Your options include:

Advertising directly to Dr. Phil and Ann Landers type sites, as well as all of the online matching sites.

Try promoting to financial sites like the Wall Street Journal.

As soon as you get a success or two, write up those happy events as press releases — everyone loves a love story!

Hook up with the matchmakers in your area — they will be thrilled to refer clients to you.

Get a catchy name for your business and use it everywhere.  Use that same name as your website name and your FaceBook name.  Make it as easy as possible for people to find you.

Creative promos are part of every business, but especially yours.

This is not a home business that will likely make you a millionaire, but it is great fun for those with the right combination of skills, and can indeed make you a decent living.