Image of a Kindle Short Read

A Kindle Short Read

A Kindle shortie (technically a “Kindle short read”) is one of the great ways to make money writing books and short stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

This refers to a way that an author can create something, and earn money, before finishing her whole book, or can simply create a short book.  That’s important.  Most books take a long time to write.  Most writers are not wealthy, so they take waitressing or secretarial jobs to tie them over until their book is published.  That can be a long time.

What if you took the first chapter of your book, or the first 20 poems you wrote, and turned it into a Kindle shortie?  Print just that much.  Sell it for $0.99.  And begin building your fans.

You will need a FaceBook page for “fans”, and a website to capture their emails in your proprietary email program.

You can feature your Kindle books on your website, and when you send customers to Amazon to buy the books, you earn a “seller” commission as well as an “author” commission.  Cool.

A Kindle Short Read for Fiction

There are a number of ways you could create these.

As noted, you might do chapter by chapter.

You could also select interesting scenes in the novel and re-draft them as stand alones.

You could also write short stories about a character, a theme, a group of friends, people on a cruise, hikers, or anything else that might tie them together.  Publish each short story individually, then pull them together at the end for a full book.

Take a chap book, something that has not been published in Amazon, put a gorgeous cover on it and publish it.

Take a seminar you are working on, pull out a fascinating 10-20 pages and post it.

If drawing is your forte, create a comic book on your topic.

Create a coloring book on your theme.

Create a workbook style learning module.

Interview someone interesting in your field.

The goal is to begin developing your fan base.  And do give them special treatment.  Anyone on your private mailing list should get advance notice of any publication, and even an exclusive piece from time to time.

Track down John Locke’s advice to writers.  He is a master at building a fan base for this type of writing.

Do remember that you will need to send each and every publication out to reviewers.  That is simply how word of your book gets out there.

This approach works for romance novels, mysteries, westerns, poetry, irreverent writings of all kinds, and just good stories.

A Kindle Short Read For Non-Fiction

Image of Kindle Short Read book

Kindle Short Read

And here is where this technique really shines.  When you look at the Kindle Short Read list, most of the titles are in fact non-fiction.  Cookbooks, inspirational books of all kinds, exercise books.

When you log into Amazon, click on the down arrow for “Kindle Store”.  Then look at the list on the left hand side.  You will see a listing for “Kindle Short Read”.  Just browse through that and see what inspiration you can come up with.

This is a great way, too, to try out a new idea for your website.  It costs very little to get a Kindle book up and running.  Put it up there.  See if there is any interest at all.  If there is, then go for it and create the larger work that you have in mind.

Creating a Kindle Book

There are whole books about creating a Kindle book.  If you have never done one before, get one of those books and become familiar with the process.

For a short read, your biggest expense is likely to be a snazzy cover design.  Even though it is a shortie, it still needs cover appeal.

Actually loading it up in a pdf format costs nothing.  Check out Lulu for other options that might appeal to you.

So … what is your shortie going to be about?