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Butterflies to welcome you on your journey making money at home with passion and love

“Working at home with passion” is a fine ideal, and lots of pundits tell us to “follow your passion”, but how many of us can really manage it?

Let me tell you:  Every single one of us — you, me, your neighbor, my neighbor, and the woman across the sea — EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US can work with passion, even at home.  Maybe especially at home.

This “passion” bit has become a mantra in the world of business, and I am not certain that is good.  I think we tend to look for businesses that already reflect our strongest passions, and that isn’t always the business we need to look at.

If you are like most women, you have read through the “50+ Great Businesses for Women” series, and pondered what (a) skills you have, (b) how much money you need to make,  and (c) what you could tackle with passion.

Well, I am here to tell you that Passion isn’t always going to be there when you start a business.  Passion is an attitude, a way of life.  It is the force that drives us when everything else is going wrong.  But it won’t necessarily be there the moment you start a business.

The key is this: You will have that Passion for anything that you make up your mind to have passion for.

Let me digress a moment and share with you a teaching that came my way years ago.  I had written an article for a business website that I thought was pretty good.   It had a solid structure, and even used fancy words.  I sent it off to my client, a very sharp women, who wrote back:  “I don’t see the passion.  Write with an attitude.  I don’t care what the attitude is, just make sure you’ve got one.”

I sat and pondered that.  “Passion” and “attitude”.  I certainly had an opinion on most things, but my smarts were a whole lot stronger than my emotions, so I was puzzled.  I could analyze, tear apart, rip to shreds and reconstruct nearly any notion out there.  But I had always done it so clinically, so properly.  Good grief, I went to college on a debating scholarship, so I knew how to construct an argument.

But this “attitude” thing-y was more elusive.

Like you, I was working at home at the time, so I took a break and went for a walk in a nearby park.  It was a nature reserve, and a few years prior I had worked on the committee to save it.  I wrote articles filled with statistics and charts and logic.  But in retrospect, the part of the campaign that had the most impact was a series of photos that followed the birth and growth of a nest of rare birds.  The local paper published these images weekly, and everyone talked about them, and cheered the little birds’ success as they learned to fly.

My logic didn’t hold a candle to a tale of little birds.

The thing is, we all cared about those little birds.  We had an attitude.  And a passion for saving them.

This “attitude” thing started to come into focus.  I could create all the fancy charts and glowing logic that I wanted to, but in the end, it is the story that will matter.

My work at home life took a solid turn at that point.  I began to cultivate the Passion, the attitude, in everything I did.  In fact, my whole life took a solid turn at that point.  I discovered a passion for:

  • Making my little home office work corner a nice retreat;
  • Picturing a real person anytime I wrote an article, and writing just for her;
  • “Talking” with that person, a real (almost) dialog, finding out what she wanted to hear (i.e., not necessarily what I wanted to tell her);
  • Feeling a sense of accomplishment when I could touch upon an emotion, instead of a statistic;
  • Feeling unbounded joy when my roses came into bloom.

There was lots more.  This Passion didn’t spring up by itself; it was part of the journey of life, a journey that I am still walking.

How Passion Relates To Your Home Business

All of this is to say that looking for a business that you feel passionate about is the left foot approach.  Far wiser, and more successful, is to find a business that you enjoy, one that your skills match, then take that business on a passionate journey.

Enjoy every moment of your journey.

Find the part of your business that makes your heart go “pitty pat”, and follow that path.  Create the Passion, the attitude;  don’t expect it to jump in your lap.

Share your joy with others, every chance you get.  If you are a seamstress, make your creation better than it has to be — you and your client will know the difference.  Anyone who buys your pottery will see the love you have put into it.  Anyone who hires you as a virtual assistant, or as a guide, will feel the joy that you feel in your work.

Let’s say you happen to like flowers, but you’ve never considered them a passion in your life.  But you’ve got an amazing pansy garden which could be the nucleus for any number of businesses.  So you take that interest in pansies and create a website that offers pansy plants and pansy ceramics and pansy aprons and pansy books, etc.  You become, simply put, passionate about pansies.  That passion will shine through everything you do in your new pansy business.

This passion didn’t jump out at you; you created it.  And it works.

So the path to finding passion at your home business becomes:

  1. Identify skills you possess, or can acquire;
  2. Decide what income level you need;
  3. Find a strong “like” amongst your options.

Then go for it.  Make that home business your Passion.

p.s. — With all of that, if your heart has a passion, like protecting Mother Earth, then my goodness!  go for it!  Write about it, blog about it, shout about it.  Nothing — repeat, NOTHING — trumps true passion.

That’s why this site is a site for women.  I would have a much broader audience if I wrote for everyone wanting a home business, but my true passion is to help women of all levels find their businesses.  I absolutely glow whenever I get a comment on this site, so please jot your notes below.

Let’s get passionate!