weight loss measuring tapeNo matter the season — the holidays, summer swimming, ski season, fall fashions — lots of us need to slim down.  And lots of us just do it better and easier with a weight loss coach.  This is why some national weight loss programs are so successful — they offer personal coaches.

If you are a dietician, a trainer, a physician assistant or nurse experienced with weight loss clients, there is a real place for you online.

The drawback with weight loss coaches locally is that they aren’t everywhere.  There are humongous sections of the US that just don’t have a “local” diet coach, or have access to only a male coach.  Sorry, but male coaches for the most part just don’t get it.  Women’s bodies are different than men’s.  At different stages of our lives we need different approaches to losing weight.  And I, for one, have always been suspicious of the “average” charts that many doctors show us.  My aerobics instructor, for instance, is called “fat” in those charts, and while she is nicely rounded, she is in incredibly good shape, far better than 95% of us.

So much for my rant.  The bottom line is that many women feel like I do.  If I looked for a coach I would want (1) a woman, (2) who understands our stages of life.

If you happen to be such a coach, there are four great ways to market your skills.

(1) Weight Loss Coaching — A Personal Approach

Many weight loss coaches provide personal services, even those that work online.  Working via Skype and other online services, it is just so easy to connect with your clients.  You can actually see each other and talk face to face.

That “face to face” is a really important connection when it comes to weight loss.  Most of us are really pretty conscious of our looks, and when our personal coach can look us straight in the eye and say, “It’s going to be okay”, well … that is powerful.

The most powerful marketing approach is to target a specific group, perhaps teenagers, or women who want to lose baby fat, or older women with midriff bulges, or those with physical challenges.  Although we all want to lose weight, you cannot market to everyone.  Not even Pepsi or Cadillac tries to market to everyone.  Choose your market, and I promise that there will be lots and lots of potential clients for you.

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(2) Weight Loss Coaching In A Group Setting

Many people respond well to a group setting where all participants relate to each other’s issues.  Certainly this is true with weight loss issues.  Participants can share knowledge, and cheer each other along, a strong motivator.

Check out GoToMeeting or other meeting service that allows everyone to see everyone and talk with everyone.  It is not expensive for small groups.

Your success will depend on getting enough people for a small group at the same time.  Although recordings of the sessions might be offered, it is just not the same as actually participating in the session.  Check out the free master class on Finding Your Ideal Client, and Thousand More Just Like Her.

Charge monthly, in advance, or you will become a last minute bill collector at each meeting.  For clients, this is typically cheaper than personal coaching, and for coaches the income can be substantial.

(3) Weight Loss — Step by Step

Some weight loss coaches have developed full weight loss programs and prefer putting their weight loss program into a series of lessons, usually downloadable, or presented in a series of CDs.

This approach is nearly a “post and go” type of business.  Once your program is created, and your marketing is established, you need not be around on a daily basis.  It is not totally hands free, but is nearly so.

The secret here is also targeting a client base.  A program for “everyone” to lose weight just won’t sell as well as a course targeted to the busy professional woman who sits in a chair all day.  That woman who sits in a chair really needs to know that you’ve got her number.

An often overlooked marketing tool for recorded programs is posting them on Amazon.  Yes, Amazon does work with individuals as well as large corporations.  Your presentation must be professional, and your customer service must be top notch, but the option is there.

Note to Exercise Coaches:  A combination of personal coaching and online videos is a powerful way to provide services!

(4) Write A Weight Loss Book

I never recommend one book as the sole income for any entrepreneur, but a book can be a nice supplement to your income.  Be sure to list yourself as the author of that great book every chance you get.  And, yes, put it up on Amazon too.

The Big Caveat For Weight Loss and Exercise Coaches

It is easy to hang up your shingle as a weight loss coach, and if you have expertise in this area I truly encourage you to do so.  But be careful.  Never pretend to be more than you are.  If you are a doctor, or otherwise certified, say so.  But never ever infer that you have expertise that you do not have.  You would be doing a serious disservice to yourself and to your clients.