Home business flowers

These glorious tulips could be the basis for your flower business at home

Is there an idea for a great flower business? at home? You bet!  Like you, I have fallen in love with roses and daffodils and orchids and even the shy pansy.

At first glance it may appear difficult to find a way to actually earn money while bringing the beauty of these blooms to the world, but truly there are many ways of doing it.  Let’s see if we can spark a few ideas for you, whether you have room to grow the blooms or not.

As much as I love all flowers, let’s use the lovely tulip for our example today.  If you prefer irises or lilies or poppies, the ideas work just as well for them.

Selling Flowers As A Basis For A Home Based Business

This is the most obvious choice for making money with flowers.  Simply grow them and sell them.  There are lots of places you might market your fresh flowers:

  • At local grocery stores.  Try the chain stores in your area too — they just might be interested.
  • Your local farmer’s market.
  • Local flower shops.

If you enjoy creating bouquets and arrangements, your options for making money with a floral home based business expand exponentially:

  • Arrangements for your local hotel.
  • Bridal bouquets.
  • Arrangements for weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and all manner of celebrations.
  • Arrangements for local offices, especially lawyers and accountants and bankers.
  • Your own flower stand along the highway or byway.

All of this is pretty seasonal, just when the tulips are in bloom.  So consider, too, selling tulip bulbs — all kinds of tulip bulbs.  Package them with instructions and sell them as you would sell fresh flowers, i.e, at the farmer’s market or flower shops.  “Trixie’s Tulip Bulbs” is a sales channel that can continue for most of the year.

Then there is one more way that is the best of all …

Flowers, The Internet, And Your Home Based Business

Create a website that is all about tulips.  Everything tulip-y.  This could be a spectacular website that featured products like:

  • Tulip salt and pepper shakers
  • Tulip garden gloves
  • Tulip tea sets
  • Tulip vases
  • Tulip gardening books
  • Tulip decals for your kitchen walls
  • Tulip checkbook covers
  • Tulip art prints
  • Silk tulips, both singly and in arrangements
  • Tulip wallpaper
  • Tulip binders
  • Tulip fabrics

My goodness, the list goes on and on.  So how does one person get all this floral stuff for her home business?  And where does she store it?

Well, it is a lot easier than you might imagine.

Using Affiliates In Your Internet Floral Business

The key is in one word:  affiliate.  You won’t need to create a single thing.  You can create anything you want, but you don’t have to.  You can become the affiliate of any number of companies and they will take care of handling the sales for you.  Here’s how an affiliate works:

  • Look at some affiliate companies.  Stick with reputable companies, or people you know.
  • Pick the products you want to feature on your website.
  • Put the ads on your website.

There are two way you might get paid:

  1. Every time someone clicks on the ad, you could earn a bit of money, or
  2. Anytime someone buys something on the affiliate’s website, you will earn some money.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each way, so simply choose the way that works the best for you.  Some affiliate companies only offer one way of payment, usually #2.

There are slews of affiliate companies that make creating an online flower business at home a reality.  The two Biggies are:

Amazon.  If there is anything that Amazon does not cover, I’d like to know about it.  Here is where you will find the tulip tea cups, door mats, charms for bracelets and tulip lollipop molds.  They always welcome new affiliate websites, and there are lots and lots of products to choose from.

Art.com or Posters.com .  Both are excellent sources of thousands of pieces of art, both traditional and modern.  When I looked today, there were over 3,500 tulip themed images.

Also check Zazzle and CafePress for unique items and designs.  There are thousands of pillows, stamps, cell phone covers and tee shirts, all with tulip themes, in all colors.  Zazzle alone had over 50,000 items featuring tulip designs.

With just this much, you will have enough product to fill hundreds of pages on your website.  And as you go along, you will discover other affiliate companies, perhaps nurseries that provide bulbs that you cannot offer, or trips to tulip fields in various areas.

And if you should be a gifted artist, do include your own works as well.

A Home Business For Floral Folk Who Are Artistic

In addition to the artist who might feature her own works on her website, look to other skills that you might have that could be a featured part of your website, such as

  • Create a book about the poetry and art of tulips
  • Create baby quilts with tulip themes
  • Create cakes specializing in tulips of all colors
  • Design ceramics with tulip colors and themes

Whatever your special talent, there is a way to bring in your love of tulips.

And for you artists and craftswomen who don’t yet know about Etsy, well go find out about it!  Technology knowledge is minimal, and results can be huge.

This is a home business idea that truly has all manner of possibilities.  Marry your love of flowers with your skills and create a business that will bring joy to you and to your clients for many years to come!

And what is your favorite flower?  How might you use it to create a home business?