There are so many really great options for 2018 that it is difficult to narrow down just The Top Choices for Solopreneurs.  This whole site is geared to the solo business person, so if you don’t see your business here, do browse a bit and see what else might tickle your fancy. But here goes, my very top choices!


Let’s Do Brunch!

Women at brunchEntertaining of all kinds is growing exponentially.   Whether it is brunch, or tea time, or a formal dinner for twelve, having guests over is BIG.  That’s what makes this topic one of my TOP BUSINESSES FOR 2018. Tapping into this market is a matter of calling upon skills you’ve already got, and augmenting them with even more creative ideas. Market this with all kinds of cookbooks — yours and some written by others — as well as party dishes, tableware, beautiful serving dishes, as well as all the electronic gadgets that will make her life easier. Loads of potential here!

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Pulling Strings

string puppets for blogA theme of puppets draws on two very strong elements:  top skills and fantasy.  Without your artistic talent, a puppet is just a puppet; but with your creativity, a puppet becomes a work of art, making this a truly TOP choice for business in 2018. People continue to respect — and pay for — all kinds of top skills, and puppetry is no exception.  There are thousands of puppets out there, most of them mass produced.  Your puppets, those made a creative solopreneur, will bring a style all their own, with unparalleled quality. Fantasy puppets are very popular, but so are puppets built around other themes, like characters from books, or those from particular cultures.  Find the topic that really captures YOUR imagination, and you will have a topic that thousands of others will want too.

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African Prints Blog

african prints blogSo … where are you from? It is such an amazingly popular question.  Our history, our heritage, is becoming increasingly important to each of us.  The more you can draw upon that drive to know our backgrounds, the more successful your African Print Blog, or Norwegian pottery blog, or Peruvian jewelry blog will be. Here is where solopreneurs can shine! To really create a top business in 2018, work with others in your sociological group.  Form coops, joint ventures.  Share information and you will all grow beyond your wildest dreams. This is a business you can start now, and watch it grow over the next years and decades — it can only get better and better!

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Finding Your Ideal Client (and Thousands More!)

Master Class for Solopreneurs -

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Antique Children’s Books for Solopreneurs

antique children's booksDig into your trunks or attic.  Scour local used book stores and garage sales.  Prowl the web for all the information you can find. If you are a pack rat, odds are that you have some true treasures lingering around.  There are hundreds of versions of the Raggedy Ann series, and of the Child’s Garden of Verses.  Find all that you can find.  You are looking for books in very good to excellent condition in order to sell them for top dollar. Then, once you’ve got your initial collection, start selling them online. This business was made for the internet, and for the solopreneur.  Millions of people just don’t have access to brick and mortar specialized bookstores, and you can provide it for them. This won’t be the cheapest business to start, for you will need inventory, but my oh my!  what amazing potential!

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The Online Trainer Option – The Top Choice for Solopreneurs!

Online Home Business Ideas - Online marathon trainerNot just in 2018, but year in and year out, this is a TOP BUSINESS. If you are a trainer or coach of any kind, or if your skill set is that of a trainer or coach, you are home free.  This is — without question — The FASTEST way for solopreneurs to earn money online legitimately. And it doesn’t matter what you coach.  You could be a marathon trainer, or a coach for capturing lucrative speaking engagements, or a tutor in Arabic.  It doesn’t matter.  If you have the skill, there are clients waiting for you!

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For The Solopreneur Artist: Create Manga Books!

manga artistArtistic women looking for a solid income, with unlimited growth potential, should look no further than Manga Books.  These are those colorful, cartoon-style paperbacks. There are mysteries and romance stories and Westerns and fantasy and science fiction, and loads more. This is one of the fastest growing niches in all of Amazon.  If you’ve got artistic talent, this market could be yours, and very rapidly!

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Bubbles — Naturally!

bubble bathEverything ORGANIC and NATURAL is HUUUUUGE. We’ve talked about baby clothes and soaps and other natural and organic options in life. If you create anything, and it can be created naturally or organically, your market potential flies off the charts.

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Spiritually Themed Blogs Are Top Businesses for Solopreneurs

Lotus blossom for Christian home business Spirituality in all forms is making great strides, and 2018 solopreneurs are poised to capture that enthusiasm. It doesn’t matter what your spiritual inclination is.  You might be part of one of the mainstream beliefs, like Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Moslem.  Or your preference might lean to less traditional forms of spirituality — wiccan, Taoism, meditation.  No matter your path, there are others on your path too, and everyone looks for thoughtful, creative items to add to their tradition. Well over 90% of the spiritual items available online are made in factories.  You are not a factory.  Your personalized, creative approach will garner you loyal clients in no time.

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2018 – The Year for Fantastical Businesses

steampunk fairy onlineIn troubled times, the world reaches for magic.  2018 may be a troubled year, perhaps a hangover from 2017.  Solopreneurs can capture this reaching for the fantastical and create a business to soothe souls. I’ve used fairies as an example of a Top Business for 2018, and I do believe it will be that.  But there are a lot of other ways to capture the mystical, the magical that people are looking for now. Visit your local bookstore and see what is being featured now, what is selling.  Your new business may be sitting there in front of you.

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2018 – The 9 Top Solopreneur Businesses

Master Class for Solopreneurs - HerBizNow.comEach and every one of these “top businesses for 2018” is exactly that:  A TOP business for solopreneurs. Your business may not be here, and that’s fine.  There are thousands — yes THOUSANDS — more businesses that are really great ideas too, business that a solopreneur can be very successful at, businesses that are very profitable.

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