tiny home Tiny homes can be built out of almost anything — wood, an old caboose, steamer containers, mud.

My next door neighbor has a tiny home that she calls a “studio”.  Well, it’s got a bed and electricity and even a poddy, so I’d call it a tiny home.  And it is so cute — it even has a loft area for storage or sleeping.  (I want one!)

Tiny homes have two things in common:  (1) They are small, and (2)  They are really IN right now.

Whether for a vacation home, a rental property, a studio, or a forever home, there is simply no doubt that tiny homes in all forms are absolutely sweeping the nation, growing in numbers by leaps and bounds.

This is the very beginning of this revolution.  Should tiny homes be your bailiwick, NOW is the time to begin a business with them.  Don’t wait five years or you will be behind the curve.  There is still enough new info now that your site can gain a strong toe hold and grow and grow.

So … What Do You Do With A Tiny Home Blog?

There are a lot of different approaches to this topic, all of them fascinating.  Pick the one that suits your style, and run with it.

Spotlight Tiny Home Manufacturers

Yes, real manufacturers are stepping up to the plate and creating real tiny homes that can be shipped anywhere.  Tiny homes are a lot smaller than traditional manufactured housing, so shipping isn’t a big issue.

Look for smaller manufacturers who would like your expertise in getting the word out about their homes, and make them SPONSORS of your blog.

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The income potential under this model is astounding.  Gather a group of tiny home manufacturers who don’t compete directly in terms of design or geography, then promote the dickens out of them.

Also negotiate a bonus for every tiny home that one of your referrals purchases.

They will get a lot more business, and you can earn a lot of money.

Create A Directory of Tiny Home Builders

tiny homeFor the most part, these are small companies that can use more promotion.  As with the manufacturers, you may choose to limit yourself by designer(s) and/or geography.  Or you may go for a comprehensive list — Your choice.

Custom Design Tiny Homes Yourself

If you’ve got the skill, use it.  Now is the time.  You might

  • Provide custom blueprints per your client’s requests;
  • Add a list of supplies to the blueprint;
  • Assist in building the tiny home, or build it entirely.

Provide All The Paraphernalia For A Tiny Home

Tiny homes need tiny stuff … tiny curtains, tiny doors, tiny cupboards, fold down beds, compact storage insets, special stairs, custom floor coverings.  There’s just a slew of stuff that needs to be re-sized and re-considered for tiny house living.  Even washing dishes can be a challenge.

Become the “go to” person for all this stuff.  Create your own products, or sell products that others have created.  (The more of your own products that you can feature, the higher your profit percentage.)

Not everyone can create a tiny home business and make it work.  If this is your forte, you’ve got a solid, growing business just sitting there, waiting for you!