Tap dancer as an online businessTap dancing is such a natural for an online business.  First, it is just great exercise.  And more importantly, it is a class that most kids just can’t get in their home towns — and for adult women it is a near impossibility.

And it is such fun!

Those who pooh-pooh tap dancing as old fashioned just haven’t seen “Chicago”.  Remember that great tap dance by the shady lawyer (Richard Gere in the movie version).  Or the fun tap sequence in “Chorus Line”.  Tapping isn’t dead; it is just taking a little nap.

For the most part, though, we aren’t talking about Broadway performers here.  We are talking about regular folk who want a fun exercise, maybe even women who took tap as a kid and now want to try it again.  Many would be too embarrassed to go to a dance studio, even if there were one available — I know I would, lol.  But in the privacy of my own home, well that’s a different story.

You will need a small studio space where you can video your lessons, and be able to load them online.

You might also want to create CDs with those same lessons, and sell the lessons as a whole series.

For the online class, look to something like a membership site, where folks can come back and review as many of the lessons as they want to, any time they want to.

And how about choreographing dances for adult variety shows?

All of this can be done as an online business.

Set up some cross promotion with ballroom dance sites, or jazz dance sites, and your promotion won’t cost much at all.

Add some affiliates:  a costume shop and a music shop, and of course a store for tap shoes, and you’ve got more income streams.

If I had a tap dancing online business site, I would offer the Intro class for free, and in that class I would talk about the equipment needed and the options available, as well as give a first few steps.  Then if folks want to join or buy the CDs, great!

It would be really nice if students could post their own videos as well, creating a nice community feeling.

Online tapping has got to be one the truly fun businesses out there.  Go … and enjoy!