Model balancing bookActually becoming a professional model is tough.  Really tough.

Teaching someone how to become a model is not so tough.  That’s where you come in.

A while back I recall an episode on TV where the female lead was hired to teach a group of girls how to become models.  She was expecting a group of thin, savvy teens, but that isn’t what she got.  What she got was a group of insecure, rather clumsy girls who had more dreams than reality.

In that TV show a colleague suggested that what these girls truly needed was poise … confidence … conversational skills, and maybe even a sense of style.  None of them would likely become models, but they needed the life skills that models possessed.

Truth be told, most young women, and many older women too, also need these life skills.

I have noticed lately that advertisers don’t seem so focused on skinny models, which is my humble opinion is wonderful.  Nevertheless, most women who want to be models won’t be able to fulfill that dream.

When you have the life skills of poise, confidence, conversation and style … well, you’ve got the makings of business that can transform women’s lives, no matter their age.

There are a number of ways you might approach a business of this sort, such as:


Whether you are working with adult women or teens, bringing them together to talk about their concerns is a winner.  (NOTE:  Please be especially careful in working with minors.  You will need to get approval from a child’s parents.)

With the advances in technology with Skype, GoToMeeting, and others, setting up an online meeting is a breeze.

Small groups are a real win-win approach — It is cheaper for the participant, and the organizer can earn some nice money.

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Pick your topic.  Create one CD, or a whole series on that topic.  Talk about everything a model needs to know, including wardrobe, makeup, diction, and bunches more.

The real plus here is that you will be able to sell it online at Amazon in addition to promoting it on your site.  This opens up the potential of many hundreds of thousands of customers that you might not find on your own.


Your hourly rate can jump when you can provide valuable insights for individual prospective models.  Focus on what that one individual needs, and you are likely to find many more just like her.


This is not my first choice for a “how to become a model” topic.  It just feels impersonal.  But if writing if your true forte, add it into your mix of offerings.


Set up sections for each of the skills that a model needs to learn: movement, poise, style, makeup, creating her resume, photo shoots.

Include real life stories of women and girls who have become professional models, and the paths that they took.

Encourage everyone to interact with each other, sharing problems and successes.


I kind of skimmed over this briefly above, but basically it means that you need to be able to show women what they need to do with their formal paperwork to get their foot in the door of advertising agencies and modeling agencies.

  • What should they say in their resume?
  • Where do they start their career?
  • What is a good photo to include?
  • How do they build a portfolio from scratch?
  • Who do they contact?
  • Do they need to go in person, or send a resume?
  • How do they know an agency is legit?  How can they spot a scam?
  • How do they learn about potential jobs?

Granted, many of your clients won’t ever become professional models.  But some will.  Help them get there.  If you yourself are a professional model or agent, and already have these contacts, great.  If you don’t yet have them, cultivate them before trying to sell your knowledge to someone else.

With the changing advertising world, I look forward to seeing some your students in an ad near me in the not too distant future!