teach guitar playingHow many teachers have you had for your guitar playing?  Two?  A dozen?  Odds are that you have had more than one.  The more you have had, the more you understand that different teachers work for different people.

And that is why your guitar learning site can work.

People simply learn better from different instructors.  Not everyone will be able to learn from you.  But many will.  And those are the folks you want to reach.

What kind of guitar playing can you teach online?  Well, just about any kind that exists, and some that you might even invent.

You could teach

  • Beginning guitar for teens
  • Beginning guitar for seniors
  • Flamenco guitar
  • Western style guitar
  • Classical guitar
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Blues guitar
  • Jamaican guitar
  • Love songs on guitar
  • How to accompany a singer
  • How to compose for the guitar
  • Folk singing guitar

… and lots more that I don’t even know about.  When I got to thinking about, there really were a lot of options, good options.  The more sophisticated the style, the more valuable your lessons become.

There are a couple of ways you could go about setting up your lessons.

One way would be to set up a membership site, with all the lessons loaded on as videos.  Your students could access those videos at their own pace.

Another way would be to set up online communication, like with Skype.  You could then teach in real time, and listen to your student as she played.

And absolutely do sell guitars as an affiliate.  Many small towns won’t have a music shop where they can buy a guitar, so make your recommendation, and promote the best.  If a hand made fret is part of your music style, here is your opportunity to promote it too.

If you personally write music, this is also a great entry to selling sheet music, and your own recordings.

And how about the perfect performance costume for your style of guitar?  Track that down and promote it too.

And we haven’t even mentioned promoting recording done by other guitar players.

At first glance, teaching guitar online doesn’t sound so hot.  But digging into a bit we can discover lots of opportunity, loads of options, for your very personal site.