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Talking About Your Home Business Idea

Talking with your friends and family about your home business idea isn’t always easy.  In fact, most of the time it is down right tough.  In the beginning, I found it very hard. A Scam I Am? Sometimes others just don’t “get it”.  Others don’t understand how you could possibly make money working from home.  They are certain it’s a pipe dream, and nothing more. Maybe even a scam. Hint:  There is one way to tie down a scam.  Ask yourself, “What does the other guy get from it?”  If the other guy (i.e., me) gets lots of money,...

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Working At Home With Passion

“Working at home with passion” is a fine ideal, and lots of pundits tell us to “follow your passion”, but how many of us can really manage it? Let me tell you:  Every single one of us — you, me, your neighbor, my neighbor, and the woman across the sea — EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US can work with passion, even at home.  Maybe especially at home. This “passion” bit has become a mantra in the world of business, and I am not certain that is good.  I think we tend to look for businesses that already reflect our...

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Your Home Office

Indeed, the laptop may be all that we need for a home office.  For a long time, that was all I needed.  And starting out, that may be all that you need. But something happens over time. First I started printing out my pages, for future reference. Then I started doing more research on my topic, and printed out a lot of those pages, for future reference. Then I started keeping a notebook of ideas, for future reference. Then I started collecting a few books on my website topic. Then I started jotting notes and ideas on little stickies....

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