Stained glass flower for online businessThe world has already created the interest in your stained glass online business.  It is just so stunning, everywhere.  From churches to fancy parlors, nothing compares to the brilliance of a stained glass piece.

So many of us cherish the notion of being creative enough to actually create such a piece.  Alas, I am not so creative.

Or maybe I am.

If you are an accomplished stained glass artist, you probably design for hotels and homes, for gift shops and galleries.  And all of that is quite wonderful.

If, however, you find that your creations do not command the prices you need to make a good living, there is another option I ask you to consider:  Create a stained glass online club.

The premise is simple.  Each month, or every two months, send out a whole new kit to your members.  The pieces will already be cut as needed, and all supplies will be included.  Create kits like

  • Butterfly sun catchers
  • Floral candle holders
  • Abstract napkin holders
  • Small planters
  • Key chains

… and just bunches more.

I first saw this type of membership option with exotic flowers — a flower a month, and wow! were they ever spectacular.  My sweetie won my heart with this gift.

I saw the membership notion again with a mushroom site that automatically sends out a fresh bag of dried mushrooms every month.

Then I learned of a membership option for a lady who makes ornaments.  She earns over $10,000 a MONTH with her ornament membership site.  Every month she ships thousands of packages of ornament supplies, with instructions in each kit.

You don’t want to compete with the other ornament site, but your stained glass membership can certainly create all sorts of wonderful ornaments too.

Your members will also be able to peruse your site for your creations, or for other unique kits they can purchase.  There is just so much you can do with a membership site like this.

Your thousands of members won’t all hop on board in the first month or two.  It will take time to build this business, but it will be so worth while.

You will be creating beautiful stained glass items that will travel around the globe.  You will be teaching women how to create such designs, what techniques to use, so they will be able to make some of their own too.

Lots of folks sell stained glass items online.  That’s not hard.  But it is hugely competitive.  Look at all the stained glass artists in Etsy alone.

Few use those skills to create a true online business with their stained glass skills.  That’s where you come in.

So … what will be your first design for your online stained glass membership business?