solopreneur's hand painted scarfHand painted scarves nearly always come from a solopreneur’s workshop, and ohmygoodness are they ever beautiful!

I love scarves of all colors, and I keep them forever. I have an apricot color silk scarf that I got in Paris over 40 years ago, and a pink flowered scarf that matched my pink suit from 30 years ago, and several that I got in art fairs and museum shops.

I have several dozen very beautiful scarves, and I still buy more! It is one of my true weaknesses.

There are simply so many kinds to choose from:  silk, of course, and cotton and wool, and pashmina, and even linen.

The joy of a hand painted scarf is knowing that no one else in the world has one exactly like it, as though it were created just for you. I like that.

There are so many pluses to a site featuring hand painted scarves and shawls.

silk scarf by solopreneurPORTABILITY. If you make them yourself, they are very portable, and don’t break in shipping.

LOTS AND LOTS OF DESIGNS. If you serve as an affiliate for other creators, there are hundreds of thousands of designs for you to choose from. I just checked Zazzle, and just that one site has nearly 100,000 scarves!

ABILITY TO CREATE YOUR OWN PRODUCTS. As with most items, the more you can create personally, the higher your profit margin. You won’t have to pay any affiliate fees.

MULTIPLE SOURCES FOR NEW PRODUCT. Should you opt to act as an affiliate for some, or all, of your product, there are lots of sources for new designs. As I mentioned above, Zazzle is a great source. Amazon has lots, as does eBay. Make a deal with some artists on Etsy to represent their products. Check affiliate aggregators for even more options.

hand painted hijab by solopreneurBRANCH INTO REPRESENTING HIJABS. Moslem women who wear hijabs are breaking into high fashion, even as cover girls for very impressive magazines. Hijabs now come in every color, loads of styles, like the ones pictured above and to the right. Check with a Moslem friend to make sure the sizing and styling is right, then create some really beautiful hand painted hijabs.

MORE EXPANSION OPTIONS. Not only are hijabs a great option, but consider shawls of all kinds, and turbans too. Shawls are just large scarves, and turbans are lengths of cloth wound in ceremonial styles.

How a Solopreneur Markets Hand Painted Scarves

Yes, I am a huuuuge fan of creating your own online business.  This will make your business truly international.  With the millions of women who enjoy lovely scarves, it won’t be hard finding your client.

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So how do you find these hundreds of thousands of customers?

Start by taking a look at the FREE webinar

Solid, no cost techniques, are at your fingertips!

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The really good news is that once a woman is your client, she will be your client for a long time to come.

Do your own marketing, but also do joint venture marketing with those who create dresses, coats, and other hand made garments.  See if you can write a blog post for some of these artists — it will help them with new information in their blog, and it will help you gain an entry into their client base.  Or buy advertising in their email newsletter.

Here’s Rule Number 1:  You are not competing with anyone else.  No one.  You are not trying to keep the price low to compete with Sears.  This is a custom business, and your pricing can reflect that.

Rule Number 2:  Repeat Rule Number 1 several times a day.

Creating hand painted scarves and hijabs and turbans really is a business where a solopreneur can excel!  Do tell me about your creations — I’d love to see them.