Coffee Blog for Solopreneurs

Do you make really great coffee, solopreneur? mmmmmm.  Neither do I. But that wouldn’t stop me from creating a really great coffee blog.  And what fun!  Here’s some of the posts I could create: How to brew a great cup of coffee for a solo; How to brew a great cup of coffee for dozens of guests; Where coffee comes from; Features on the greatest coffee houses in every city in the world (Your visitors can help you with these!); The difference between Kenya coffee and Brazilian coffee; How to create a “Good Morning” swirl, like the picture; What...

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Tie Those Flies, Solopreneur! Your Fishing Business is Jumping!

Creating a fishing business, solopreneurs, is uncannily easy. Travel sites for solopreneurs can be a huge challenge.  Yeesh … there’s a whole passel of huge travel sites out there, and competing against Travelocity isn’t easy.  The Grand Canyon, fishing the Colorado River, and hundreds of other top fishing spots are written about ad nauseum online. So why do I remotely suggest that you can create a fishing site, and succeed at it? Because I know Jenny, and Jenny showed me how to do it. Jenny lives in Oregon, and she loves to fish.  (Incidentally, Jenny doesn’t live in Oregon....

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Solopreneurs Go Beyond Etsy

Yes, creating a presence on Etsy is a good starting point for many creative businesses.  And if all you really want is a basic outlet for your artistic works, you can stop there. Etsy provides valuable services for creative people. For example, Etsy’s platform is relatively easy to use.  Etsy sets up the “Buy” process, so all your customers have to do is click a button. Etsy handles all the money transactions, a real hassle for many creative people, especially those who ship internationally.  And Etsy can provide limited promotion. That’s no small matter. Or if you chance to...

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Solopreneurs Teach English!

Solopreneurs excel at teaching English, as well as teaching most other languages.  Companies like Babel and Rosetta Stone earn slews of money, and their only product is learning foreign languages. This is, without doubt, one of the easiest and most lucrative business you can start right now. I once worked with Lucia, a woman who had taught English in a Middle East country.  Lucia had all the connections anyone could dream of, she knew where to advertise, how to get clients, and she knew the stumbling blocks for her future clients.  Lucia had been there and done that. But...

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Fair Trade It, Solopreneur!

When you, a solopreneur, present fair trade goods, well… you’ve really accomplished something, both for your clients and for yourself. The term “fair trade” typically relates to goods of all kinds created in third world countries, often by solo businesses or small businesses.  It demands fair treatment of all workers, and a fair price so the artisans can pay a fair wage. These are not necessarily beaded bracelets, although they could be. Just look at the quality and variety of fair traded goods in these images.  I would personally be thrilled to own any of them, wear them proudly...

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Coloring Books for Solpreneurs

When I first saw coloring books appear, I thought it was cute, a passing fad.  But it is not a passing fad any more.  In fact, coloring books is a great business for solopreneurs. Thousands of people of all ages, with all kinds of interests, snatch up these gems.  Even I, a book worm to the end, have now twice presented programs for women using coloring books as our focused activity.  They were great for establishing an aura of meditation, and opened up unexpected communications on why someone chose a particular image, or why one person used pastels and...

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The Top 9 Businesses for Solopreneurs in 2018

There are so many really great options for 2018 that it is difficult to narrow down just The Top Choices for Solopreneurs.  This whole site is geared to the solo business person, so if you don’t see your business here, do browse a bit and see what else might tickle your fancy. But here goes, my very top choices!   Let’s Do Brunch! Entertaining of all kinds is growing exponentially.   Whether it is brunch, or tea time, or a formal dinner for twelve, having guests over is BIG.  That’s what makes this topic one of my TOP BUSINESSES FOR...

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Fly Away With Hummingbirds, Solopreneur!

O, solopreneurs, those glorious hummingbirds can take your business on a flight of fancy! I do love all creatures great and small, except the deer when they eat my roses, and a few undesirable sorts of critters.  But there is a very spacial place in my heart for hummingbirds. These captivating little creatures come in so many colors, and artists of all ilk have drawn upon their wonder to create the most wonderful things. Would you believe that the image here is of a shower curtain?  Isn’t that incredible!  I can just imagine the purples and blues that would...

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Ornaments for Life, Solopreneurs!

Isn’t that a beautiful ornament? Soloprenuers are the perfect vehicle for promoting something this exquisite.  That is a Swarovski crystal snowflake ornament.  Swarovski creates a new one each year, and they are VERY collectible.  This particular one is from 2015. And these snowflakes are not cheap.  This one costs about $95.  For one ornament, that’s a lot. But that is exactly the kind of sale you need to make online if you hope to be successful. Let Target and Amazon go cheap — that is their specialty.  You can never compete with them — it is a losing proposition....

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One Adorable Poodle Plus One Creative Solopreneur

It is not that just any puppy isn’t cute as the dickens, but when a solopreneur creates a puppy site, her best bet is to focus on one breed.  A German Shepard is not a St. Bernard is not a poodle. Personally, I love all dogs.  But that little tea cup poodle is just too cute to resist.  Should you be blessed with such companionship, there is a whole lot you can do to create a fascinating, profitable poodle blog. Stories, We’ve Got Stories! Once your little Munchkin really did sneak into a teacup, and that’s when you took...

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