Russian porcelain ballerinaWhen I was very young my mother gifted me several Russian porcelain ballerinas, much like in the picture.  How I wish I had kept those treasures!

A few years ago a dear friend gifted me a collection of six blue and gold Russian porcelain teacups and saucers.  I still have those, and I thoroughly believe that tea tastes better when I use them.

Alas, that is all I truly know of Russian porcelain.

If you should happen to know more, or have a passion for learning more, this would be such a beautiful blog business to pursue.

No matter what the political climate, Russian art of all kinds stands apart, creations from a land of mystery and romance.  Russian artists have truly made porcelain their own, with whole studios devoted to creating special types of porcelain pieces.

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And no matter what the political climate, there is still a yearning for the beauty of these pieces in the rest of the world.  Many of the pieces are quite reasonably priced, giving a blogger a goodly client base to work with.  It will take a sharp eye to pick up bargains, and a creative eye present them as works of art for sale.

There are just so many types of porcelain creations you might feature, like

  • Statues
  • Cups and saucers
  • Serving dishes
  • Tea pots
  • Decorative buttons
  • Candy dishes
  • Decorative eggs
  • Lions and swans and creatures of all kinds
  • Trinket boxes
  • Russian nesting dolls
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Dinner bells
  • Folk dolls
  • Candle holders
  • Chess boards

… and so much more.  Your blog might include articles about how these pieces are made, and biographical information on some of the artists.  Also, of course, post when showings of this art will be presented throughout the world.

Yes, of course, sell the pieces themselves.

But there is more that you can do too.

For instance, look for books that are particularly outstanding.  Amazon is a real blessing here.

Look for artists whose work compliment the pieces you are presenting. Check out — they have a solid affiliate program.

If you are blessed with talent to be inspired by the Russian porcelain and you create your own pieces, whether in porcelain or needlework or stained glass, this would be a wonderful counterpoint to the porcelain pieces themselves.

Run several links to eBay with searches on specific types of Russian porcelain.

I envy you.  If this idea resonates with you, you will start each day with a piece of beauty, and that is really nice.