Poodle for solopreneur It is not that just any puppy isn’t cute as the dickens, but when a solopreneur creates a puppy site, her best bet is to focus on one breed.  A German Shepard is not a St. Bernard is not a poodle.

Personally, I love all dogs.  But that little tea cup poodle is just too cute to resist.  Should you be blessed with such companionship, there is a whole lot you can do to create a fascinating, profitable poodle blog.

Stories, We’ve Got Stories!

Once your little Munchkin really did sneak into a teacup, and that’s when you took this adorable picture.  And once she fell into a mud puddle, and looked quite different.

Your visitors are going to have lots and lots of poodle stories.  Open up your site to them!  Let them submit stories and pictures.  Getting a picture of their little Princess on your blog brings bragging rights that few other platforms can provide.

That is exactly the kind of community that you need to cultivate.  This is not just “your” blog.  It is a blog for all poodle people, so invite them to participate.  Doing just that one thing will work more wonders for your site than you can imagine.

Start At The Beginning

When I brought my two little kitties home, I didn’t know what to do with them.  They were so tiny I was afraid I would hurt them.  I didn’t know what to feed them, or what kind of toys to get for them, or where they should sleep.

So start with Day One.  What does your new poodle owner need to know?

The real joy of working with a blog like this is that you can weave your product offerings right into the text, as well as set up a storefront page.  For example, on Day One, your poodle will need puppy food, and here is a good brand that I recommend.  Also, a water dish made just for her tiny tongue to lap up water, one like this.

For each product you mention, provide a link where they can purchase it right now.

Poodle food for solopreneur

poodle bed for solopreneur

scroll for solopreneur

Where will find all these Poodle People?

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Step Two In The Solopreneur Poodle Blog

After Day One there are just soooo many places to take your poodle blog that it is hard to know where to begin.  For example, you might:

  • Talk about how to train a poodle, and even create a book, ebook or video training to help out.
  • Keep a list of poodle shows, all across the country.  It is a great way to gain new fans!
  • Feature a photo gallery, with photos that your visitors submit, as well as ones you take.
  • Feature all kinds of products just for a poodle:  toys, of course, and beds and enclosure, and collars, and anything you can think of!

Remember, too, to check out sites like Zazzle, both to find fun items relating to poodles, and even to create your own “poodle stuff”.  When you create your own store on Zazzle, others can sell your items too, giving you a nice percentage of their sale.  It is a real win-win.

Poodle tee for solopreneur

A Zazzle product that you can sell on your site.

… And Here’s The Cherry On Top!

poodle in raincoatCreate clothes made just for poodles.  No kidding, this will be the hottest item on your blog!

Most pet owners pamper their pets, but poodle owners go waaaay beyond “pamper”.  We adore our little pets, and justifiably so.

When we take Princess out for a walk in the rain, of course she needs a raincoat.  (Isn’t she cute!)

Whether she goes shopping, or to the beach, or the dog park, or visiting friends, this tiny pooch will go there very fashionably.

Lots and lots of clothes are available online, and you can become an affiliate for many companies that create poodle attire.  But your most profitable angle would be to make these clothes yourself, as original creations.  Your profit margins will be a lot higher, and you can truly offer something that no other site on the web can offer — no small accomplishment.

I know it sounds silly, but pet clothing is one of THE hottest items on the internet, bar none.  One of THE hottest.  With but modest sewing skills, you can tap into this bountiful market, working with little creatures you adore.

Made For Solopreneurs

I get excited too because this is a topic that is so ideal for solopreneurs.  Anyone who loves poodles (or the pooch of your choice) can create an amazingly creative, amazingly profitable blog.  Start small, start big — your choice — and watch your business grooooow and grooooow!