perfume bottle online businessGo ahead … just try to choose one exquisite perfume bottle for your blog image.  It can’t be done.  There are thousands and thousands of totally amazing perfume bottles to choose from.

My Aunt Francy had a boudoir table filled with glorious perfume bottles, each hand crafted and each containing a different fragrance.  I remember as a child sneaking into her bedroom just to get a peek at the treasures she kept there.  They were so glorious — butterflies, exotic flowers, dancing ladies, swirling designs, and some that look like cloud puffs.

And once in a while Aunt Francy even gifted me a beautiful perfume bottle as a very special treat.  I still have the exquisite crystal butterfly, much like the one pictured here.

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Now perfume bottles are more likely to be discovered in cabinets, in collections.  And that is just fine, especially if you are considering focusing on this topic for your blog.

perfume bottle online businessThere are any number of antique perfume bottles that you might feature, and many modern ones too.

As for monetization, there are lots of options, such as

If you are presently a collector yourself, you might offer some of your unique pieces for sale.

Look to eBay for a wide selection of antique perfume bottles.  Put a feed on every page you write.

Feature books on the history and various techniques of creating perfume bottles.

Invite your visitors to sell their own perfume bottles.  Charge per ad, or ask a commission on each sale.  If you can handle the monetary transactions, you will be way ahead here.

Do you know anyone who creates perfume bottles?  This could be a really unique component of your site.

Find needlework that features a lady at her boudoir.

Feature modern perfumes that focus on beautiful bottling.

Create Zazzle tee shirts with perfume bottles and cute phrases.

I don’t see this topic has a huge money maker out of the box.  It will take time to build your clientele, but once you have them you will have very loyal customers.

A FaceBook page will definitely help you with the marketing, and do become active in other FaceBook Groups as well.

Becoming a perfume bottle pro will tickle your fancy for many years to come, while you build a business that you can really brag about!