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Ijeoma Eleazu

Ijeoma Eleazu

I cannot pull myself away from the course, and it is 2 a.m.!  … Thank you so much for the opportunity to go through this course. There is so much great information and you break it down into sizeable, doable steps.

So what are the “steps” that Ijeoma is talking about?

Basically, we focus on the “Creative Idea” that we talked about up above, and here is what happens.

A passion treeStep 1:  Passion or Profit?  There is indeed a place for both Passion and Profit online.  It is up to you to determine how important each goal is to your business.

Step 1A:  Identify YOUR Passions, complete with Worksheets.  YOU tell ME where your true interests are.  We explore lots of options, so you will have lots of ideas.

The rest of the course identifies those specific interests that can become a real business.

Step 1B:  Identify Profitable Niches with FREE TOOLS, complete with worksheets.

We don’t dally around.  Right up front we need to know if the topic you dream about is really profitable, so we target specific niches that we know ARE profitable.

Don’t waste your time or energy working on topics that just aren’t feasible.  NOW is the time to gauge just what your future holds on any given topic.  We refine the results later, but this is a top notch start.

Step 1C:  Big Niches, Little Niches

How to know when your topic is “just right”, and a look at the question “Aren’t all the good topics already taken?”

Monetization for websiteStep 2:  Products/Services and Monetization

Step 2A:  The Top Monetization Options for Solopreneurs

Here is where we really get serious about making money online.  We really take time to review the amazing publication EXPLODE YOUR WEBSITE MONETIZATION: 19 TOP INCOME STREAMS YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW.

There are hundreds and hundreds of ways to make money online.  Here again, we identify those income streams that are most effective for solopreneurs, ways that you can manage on your own without sophisticated coding or sublime artwork.

monetization for websites Years ago a forum moderator tagged me as the “niche” and “monetization” expert, and so began my journey of helping literally thousands of entrepreneurs find their profitable niches.

This is another book that had never been written, but needed to be, and so I put together the absolute TOP ways to explode your monetization.  Even with these amazing 19 ways to earn money online, I haven’t exhausted the topic.  There are more!  But these are a great selection that will get you started in good form.

Add some new income streams any time you like.  The world is your oyster now.


There is one thing I am especially pleased to share with you:


Here is the legitimate insider’s scoop
on how I earned a five-figure income
my first month in business.


 I know that not everyone will hit that five-figure mark so quickly, but I do know that it can be done.  This is no fly by night scheme.  It is truly THE fastest way to earn money online, working as a solo professional, not as a scammer.

Incidentally, I really HATE scammers.  I see so much cruddy stuff on the web, so many empty promises.  And, yes, I’ve been caught in the web of some of these fast talkers myself.  I think it is a learning curve that we all just need to go through.

If you goal is to set a scam of sort, read no further.  I can’t — and won’t — help you.  But I will knock myself out to help legitimate business people.

EXPLODE YOUR MONETIZATION is a real game changer on the scene:

monetization recommendationEXPLODE YOUR MONETIZATION is so good you shouldn’t give it away. You should sell it separately!

Juli Sandeen

But we aren’t finished!

Step 2B:  All About Affiliates and Joint Ventures

Both affiliates and joint ventures hold massive opportunity for the solopreneur.

Most gurus tell you that you have to have thousands of people on your email list before ever thinking about joint ventures.  Well, it just isn’t so.  Here we explore how to go about it, even if you are a Newbie.

Step 2C:  Mix and Match

You would be amazed at how many ways there are to monetize any single website, even one as simple as a children’s bookstore.  The more ideas you have in your pocket, the stronger your potential for success, so let’s stuff those pockets with lots of ideas!

Online peeps for marketingStep 3:  Your Community, Your Peeps

Every online business is built around the concept of a community.  Your community is your client base.  No community/ no client base.  It is that simple.  So we ensure that you really do have a client base before going further.

Step 3A:  Four Fabulous Ways to Quantify Your Community

I was slow to learn this lesson, but the internet world is now centered on social media.  If your peeps are not on social media somewhere, it may still be possible to market to them, but it will be a lot more expensive, and a lot harder.

So we take the time here to find out how many people there are who are truly interested in your topic, and how many you may need to create a successful business.  Are there 500,000 in social media now?  Are there 100?  It would likely be tough to build a business with a potential client base of only 100, and if that is your situation it is much better to find out now, before you build your site and spend gazillions promoting it.

Step 3B: Finding Your Community On Social Media

What you can do with free tools will amaze and delight you.  It certainly amazed me when I discovered these tactics.  Do yourself a favor and begin early to find and court your community.

Step 3C:  A Word With Your Competitors

Most entrepreneurs fight against their competitors, as if the competitor were taking business away from them.  Well, they aren’t.  Odds are really that you and your competitors have very complimentary businesses.

Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier if your competitors considered you an ally, not a threat?  and you considered them the same?  Well that is what we do here.  You can access their knowledge (and their client base) and still help them too — a real win-win scenario.

colored boxes for styles of websitesStep 4:  Stepping Out In Style

This sounds fluffy, but trust me, it can be a real deal breaker.

There are 7 major styles of website.  Finding the style of website that matches your particular skill set is absolutely critical to your success.

For example, suppose you want to set up a storefront with hundreds of hummingbird products.  It would be a gorgeous site.  But if you don’t know HTML and CSS coding, don’t go near it.  You will end up paying a programmer every dime that you earn, and more.

Most topics fit comfortably into several different styles of website.  That hummingbird site could be an informational site as well as a storefront, depending on your skill set.

Your website style is important.  Very important.  Don’t skip this step, even if you think you have found the most perfect topic in the world.

All Kinds Of Extras!!

Wow.  Where do I begin here?


Well, for starters, everyone who joins the master class FROM PASSION TO PROSPERITY has access to our own private FaceBook Group:

Online business FaceBook header

This is a group just for YOU and ME and OTHER MEMBERS of the Master Class.  Ask questions, make connections, help out others too.  I’ll be stopping by to respond to your questions too, so you will never ever feel like you are tackling this alone.


Home Businesses for Women

Ideas for CREATIVES!  for ADMINS!  for EDUCATORS!  and more!

The series is called 50+ GREAT IDEAS FOR GREAT WOMEN, but there are nearly 100 great ideas here, all for the taking.

And this is just the beginning.  We explore lots of other ways to find YOUR BEST OPTIONS for website topics too.


bonus publications for online business


You won’t find these publications anywhere else.  They were created especially for members of FROM PASSION TO PROSPERITY, filling big gaps in information for online entrepreneurs.

We’ve talked about TOP MARKETING TACTICS (see above).

FINANCE YOUR HOME BUSINESS NOW is based on the knowledge that SBA, venture capital, and even banking are just not real options for most online businesses.  I set out to find some real alternatives to financing your business, and here they are — the TOP 13 WAYS TO FINANCE YOUR HOME BUSINESS.

bouquet of resourcesTHE WHITE PAPER EXTRAS

It is great to have your topic, one that you have researched and vetted, one that you know is powerful, one that you really enjoy.

Then when you step out to build your website there are some things that just come in handy.  These are things that are hard to find, and some that you just won’t find anywhere else.  They are all part of our “Goodies” extra.  Here you will discover things like

  • E-JUNKIE: AN INTRO GUIDE to the cheapest, and easiest, way to accept money online

And of course there are others, with new ones being added all the time.

I am really looking forward to working with you.  Let’s get busy and find you an absolutely amazing website!


Make ONE PAYMENTS of US $ 65 today, with six more payments in the months that follow:


If you prefer, make
ONE PAYMENT of US $ 440 here:

PayPal accepts a dozen or so different credit cards, and can even grant you up to six months to pay. You may also use your checking account to pay in PayPal.


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