Swarovski ornament for solopreneurIsn’t that a beautiful ornament? Soloprenuers are the perfect vehicle for promoting something this exquisite.  That is a Swarovski crystal snowflake ornament.  Swarovski creates a new one each year, and they are VERY collectible.  This particular one is from 2015.

And these snowflakes are not cheap.  This one costs about $95.  For one ornament, that’s a lot.

But that is exactly the kind of sale you need to make online if you hope to be successful.

Let Target and Amazon go cheap — that is their specialty.  You can never compete with them — it is a losing proposition.


Sorry to shout, but this is IMPORTANT.  Your forte is in presenting the most beautiful, most exquisite pieces you can find, and present them in a manner that other stores simply do not do.

Here is what I mean.

Carolyn’s “Angel Tree” Ornaments

My very creative friend Carolyn takes immense pride in fashioning the most amazing Christmas tree in her entire social network.  One that I especially recall is “Carolyn’s Angel Tree”.

Swarovski Crystal Angel for solopreneur

Swarovski Crystal Angel – on eBay for $65

For this design, Carolyn placed a lovely tree in the center of her room.

Then she hung crystal angels from the ceiling, at different heights, down to about the top third of the tree.

Next she sprinkled a layer of white “cotton” around the tree, like a cloud, just under the lowest angel.

And she sparingly used tiny white lights all over, below and above the “clouds”.

It was, without doubt, the most beautiful tree I have ever seen.

And it certainly wasn’t cheap.  Those crystal angels were quite expensive.  Your job would be to assemble all the materials and ornaments for such a tree and sell it as a complete package.  Go to the Swarovski site and buy like the pro that you are, in all kinds of areas.

If you would like success in the solopreneur ornament field, this is the kind of creativity that you need.  And it is not just angels.  There are lots of themes you might explore, like:

  • Carolyn’s Angel Tree (above)
  • Toyland
  • Snowflakes
  • Football teams
  • Your college alma mater
  • Raggedy Ann and Andy
  • Cocktail time
  • Family photos
  • Pets — puppies and kitties and crocodiles too
  • Birds of a feather
  • Elves

etc.  The list truly goes on and on.  There is no limit to the themes you can create in your ornament selection.  Just visit a tree celebration in your nearest city to see some spectacular ideas.  The trees at these celebrations are often auctioned off for hundreds of dollars, an indication of the lengths people will go to present a beautiful tree.

So how do you find all these ornaments?

dragon ornament for solopreneurWell, for starters, you scour every store you can find in December and gather up bunches of fun, creative ornaments.  You will likely need some plain colored globes as well, and this is a good time to stock up on them.

Then it becomes a year round treasure hunt.

Few ornaments are called “ornaments”.  I have some tiny fairies, about two inches tall, that I use for decoration, and they are called simply “miniatures”.  Some you will discover online, and some you will create yourself, like these:

Your own ornament creations

Wow — there are so many options.  Where do we begin?  That dragon is certainly one option.  It could be a fabric dragon, or a ceramic dragon, as long as it can be strung on a string.  Or how about:

STAINED GLASS.  While you could create whole ensembles with stained glass ornaments, how about visiting a stained glass studio in your area and purchasing some leftover bits of stained glass.  You could get pieces up to several inches tall.  Take those home, edge them with something soft, and voila!  beautiful hand crafted ornaments.

MINIATURE DOLLS.  Buy tiny dolls on Amazon and create exquisite clothing for them yourself.  Do some in a particular color scheme, or from a particular era.

TINY TOYS.  Your best bet is online miniature collections.  There are dozens.

TRAINS.  Wooden trains, aluminum trains, old trains, new trains — all are very popular, and such fun to follow them around the branches of a tree!  Toy stores would be a good option for finding these.

ZAZZLE CREATIONS.  Setting up a Zazzle store with your own designs is an option too, although these would likely not be as fabulous as your very own creations.

NEEDLEWORK OPTIONS.  Use exquisite fabrics to create simple ornaments, or even glistening chains to drape on a tree.

Watch Your Solopreneur Ornament Business Grow

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In the beginning you will have plenty to do creating your Christmas tree ornaments, but before long your business will be poised to really grow.  Here are some top ways to grow it:

ornament for solopreneur red rose(1) RETAIL.  Package a few of your themes and offer them to boutique decor shops in tony areas, like Beverly Hills.

(2) MARKET TO CORPORATIONS.  Executive admins and HR folks are the ones most likely to be charged with holiday decor.  Market directly to them.

(3) MARKET TO  PARTY PLANNERS.  These folks crave fabulous decor, and you can give it to them!

(4) MARKET TO WEDDING PLANNERS.  Nothing at all says a tree has to be for Christmas.  Having a “wedding tree” with doves and rings and special things would be oh! so wonderful.  Wedding planners need your creativity here.

(5)  MARKET FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS.  Not only weddings, but lots of special occasions need a decorative boost.  Mother’s Day, for example, is the second most popular celebration, after Christmas.  How about decorations for a Mother’s Day party, a graduation party, a birthday party.  Restaurateurs would most interested in your offerings here.

What Is Needed As A Solopreneur Ornament Pro

This is no ordinary online business.  It really has HUUUUUGE potential.  But with that potential comes a strong demand for skills and resources.

First, this is not a cheap business.  You will need to invest a considerable amount of money to develop a collection of ornaments that you can promote.

Photography is also an essential skill.  If you have to hire a photographer for every shoot, your profits will plummet.

Space is a third requirement.  When you get a request for a “toy” tree, you won’t have time to go and search out all the ornaments you need.  You will need to keep a substantial inventory on hand.

But the payoff could be immense.  There are very, very few creative entrepreneurs who offer this type of service.  Your business will be wonderfully unique, and very much in demand.

Are you ready?  Then go for it!