online trainingOnline training is really a growth niche.  Whether you focus on long distance runners or aerobics, if you haven’t got an online presence you are missing out on a lot.

A few years ago I am not sure I would have recommended online training so highly.  I, for one, just perform better when I’ve got a real coach cheering me on.  But then Nordic Trac (R) took on the task of the recorded trainer, and the whole training business has gotten a real boost.

There is no reason in the world why your training business cannot do the same.

Marathon Trainer

Let’s assume that you are a marathon trainer.  How do you approach this online business idea?

Well, for starters, if you have a physical address and take local clients, do promote that.  Make it easy for clients to find you, and be sure to list in Google with your physical address and phone number.

But how about for those clients who aren’t nearby?  Odds are that there are thousands of potential clients outside of your geographic area.  Reaching them really isn’t very hard either.

For a solid outline on how to reach online clients, do visit our totally free webinar “YOUR IDEAL CLIENT (AND THOUSANDS MORE”.  That is where you will discover real techniques for pinpointing who your clients are, and how you can reach them.

As for what you can offer them, you’ve got slews of options.

  • Personal coaching, of course, via online services.
  • Develop a series of videos, with different sets for beginners and advanced.  Be sure to post them on Amazon for sale too.
  • Focus on a particular age group, like older women.
  • Create books that they can follow, step by step.
  • Set up online small group classes with women from across the country, or from around the world.

Whatever you opt for, make sure there is an accountability component.  People being people, we seem to need a way to keep track of our progress.

Be sure, too, to include sales of the type of equipment they will need.  Many people in rural areas just do not have an athletic equipment store within reach, and your recommendations will go a long way to getting them started right.

You can set up these sales options by becoming an affiliate of these equipment companies.  I recommend hooking up with a company like Commission Junction, an affiliate aggregator, to ensure prompt and full payment for all equipment that you sell.

I am afraid that I won’t be your ideal client for marathon coaching.  The only time I was part of a marathon was when I watched one, and I cheered more for the last person than I did for winner, for that last person could have been me — if indeed I finished at all – lol.

You’ve really got tremendous potential here.  Take a bit of time to plan your blog, and set out your marketing plan, then really go for it.  Online success will sometimes feel like a marathon, but it will be worth it in the long run.