kite flyingGo fly a kite!  It is a great business — creative, fun, even profitable.

We’ve all felt the tug of a kite line pulling our dreams high into the sky, and watched dozens and dozens of incredible creations join us on a breezy day.

This joyful kiting is nearly universal, reaching across oceans.

I didn’t fully appreciate the extent of this worldwide pasttime until I lived in San Diego where sunshine reigns and brisk breezes from the cool Pacific keep hundreds of kites aloft on any given day.

There was even a wonderful kite shop down by the harbor.  It was magical.  There were kites from all over the world represented, all colors, all sizes, all shapes.

I recall too when we were kids and dad helped us make our kites out of newspaper.

Somehow, the newer ones seem to fly so much loftier, to heights I only dreamed of.

You have probably heard too about the kite competitions in many parts of the world, where glass beads are glued to the strings and kite flyers try to cut each other’s strings.  Personally, I’ll choose a kite group on the beach on a sunny day.

Few people have access to a kite shop like the one at the San Diego harbor.

But lots of people, young and old, still feel the sheer exhilaration of a flying dragon or butterfly or wizard.

Should you opt to open a kite shop online, try to go further than acting as an affiliate for mass produced kites.

  • What can you do with creating amazing designs yourself?
  • Can you create unique designs on special order?
  • Add related products like wind sockets, spinners, wind surfing, house banners, or other wind related items.
  • Create your own kits for making great kites, and be sure to put your personal designs online on Amazon.
  • Include books that feature kites, from picture books to The Kite Runner.
  • If you can locate any movies with kites, those should be here too.

Your goal is to make your site a fascinating one, all about kiting.

This is one of those great topics that is just perfect for a family business.  Encourage your kids to design kites themselves, and have them communicate on your FaceBook page with other young kite flyers.  They will love it, and it will give a dimension to your site that others just don’t have!

Best of all, this will be a fun business to create and manage, as well as one that can make substantial income.