clock with cat

An online clock maker has a real challenge:  how do you take that iconic circle and create something that is truly wonderful?  I know this is an issue because I’ve tried a number of time to find really interesting clocks, and it has been a challenge.

Even finding an image for this post was challenging.  But that wonderful cat chasing the gold fish is exactly what a creative clock maker is looking for:  a creative almost-circle.

Look around you right now.  How many creative clocks do you see?  How many creative almost-circles do you see? mmmmm.  Probably not very many.

Developing an eye for this type of business takes a real knack.

The innerds of a clock are not difficult, in fact you can buy those pre-made, usually run with batteries.  It is the cover that becomes the creative part.

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scroll for baby quilts

Consider options other than straight wall clocks too.  How about miniature Grandfather clocks, or in our case, Grandmother clocks?  Even watches could use a good pick me up.

colorful clockFor the truly creative, incorporate dramatic designs, like the one you see here.  It wouldn’t be difficult to create a whole line of creative clocks in different colors.

Or how about fairy tale clocks?

Or flower clocks?

Or clocks made from photographs?

The great thing about an online business with clocks is that it isn’t limited to online sales.  Local boutiques could be strong customers, with a line that you create just for them.  Your website will spotlight a wide range of your creations, making sales around the world very possible.

All kinds of arts and crafts shows and galleries are possibilities too, with custom work a real option.

There really is huge potential here, and a nearly open marketplace with very little competition.