Home business ideas - BegoniasI do love begonias … the colors … the shapes … the varieties … the small ones … the tall ones.  And an online begonia business can  be yours, easier than you think.

When I moved to Oregon I thought I would have to give up my cherished begonia patch.  The blooms bloomed easily in California, but alas, Oregon got cold and begonias are a fair weather flower.

Or so I thought.

It turns out that begonias can grow almost anywhere.  You just have to know how to do it, and in some climes you may need to bring them indoors.

begonias in cartSo I got my little cart, like the one on the right (but mine is red), from an “almost junk” store, and next year my little cart will burst with reds and yellows and whites and all manner of golden begonias, or as many as I can stuff into that cart.

This is where your online business comes in.  Yes, of course you can talk about begonias, and identify them, and even sell them.  But there is so much more that you can do too.

For example, simply helping folks bring begonias into their lives in chilly climes is a gift.

But don’t stop there.  Think, too, of all the other stuff that can go with begonias, things like:

  • Just the right size pots, in lots of colors.
  • The right potting soil, whether it is for indoor/outdoor, or planting in different types of soil.
  • Work gloves.
  • Tools, like a trowel.
  • Publications on begonias.
  • Decorative carts and bark containers
  • Artwork featuring begonias
  • Tee shirts and sweats with begonias
  • Pillows with begonias

Truly, the list goes on and on.

golden begonia for online businessSo how do you get all this great stuff?  Well, some of it you may be able to create yourself.

Sometimes you may use a company like Zazzle that lets you create on clothing, art prints, aprons, etc.

And sometimes you will want to set up an affiliate relationship with a company that grows begonias.

scroll for begonias online

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There is a huuuuge potential in a site like this.  Most notably, once you find a client, odds are that she will stick around for a long time.  Begonia people are special people.  We know how extraordinary these flowers really area.

red begonia for online businessPlan a bi-weekly ezine, perhaps featuring a different begonia each time, or a different product each time.  Include pictures of your visitors’ begonias.

Be sure to get a template that allows for your visitors to leave comments, and perhaps even images of their own begonia successes.

And when you are up and running, plan a tour to some of your favorite spots and arrange to present to the garden clubs there!