Quilt from online business

A modern quilt from your online store

There are probably 1,000 ways, or more, for modern quilters to create an online business.  And they are all great.

But let me show you 1,001.  A TV is one of those necessary evils in a home.

Do you notice how they never show TVs in decorating books, or in homes being sold?  It is because they are ugly.

But how about if you took a TV …

Black screen of tv for online business

From THIS …

quilts from online business

It’s just so simple once you see it.  TV screen covers to match the decor of your home!

You can actually use any kind of needlework — crewel, embroidery, applique, even crochet.  As long as the result is a rectangle that lays flat, you’re in business.

The only tricky part in the construction is getting it to fit onto the screen itself.  You can put elastic strips on the top corners to create a stretchable sizing, or use the backing piece as an extension that lays over the top and down the back, creating a solid balance.

Also, if your quilt piece is too small, just mount it on a larger piece. Easy peasy.

I wouldn’t make it too heavy, but a nice weight resists breezes from passing people and open windows.

And the sky is the limit in your design!  Whatever you enjoy doing, you can do it here.  Create eco-themes, or fairytales, or footballs, or anything else your imagination can conjure.

But you do need to be artistic to create an online business with this idea.  Anyone can take a piece of fabric and lay it over the TV screen.  You can’t patent the idea.  But you can copyright your artwork.  No one can create the pieces that you can create.

Selling Modern TV Screen Quilts From Your Online Business

There are a few really great markets for this type of product.

First, realtors.  You know those homes they want to sell?  Well, your quilt can create a dramatic, artistic touch to those homes unlike anything else.  It is not like art on the wall that people often overlook; it is art right in front of them.

Next, designers.  You won’t need many home designers to keep your business busy.  These are custom pieces, so price them accordingly.

And, yes, this is something you can do online. Market to higher end clientele, and offer to create custom TV covers just for them.  Many homes have more than one TV, so you could get very busy very fast.

Pricing From Your Online Business

These quilts are works of art, just like a wall hanging is a piece of art.  But it also has a function: to hide an ugly part of a room.

Price them just like you would price any other work of art.  Consider the technique that you use, the materials, the time involved, and the final size.