"A Unique Path" ebook of businesses for great women

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Aren’t we special!  You and I have skills and abilities that no one else has. Skills that can generate a nice income from a home business.  Sometimes it is a lot of money, and sometimes it is more modest.

So let’s take a quick inventory of your uniqueness, and see what you might have hidden away.

What do you do on vacation?  Ski? Fish? Go sight seeing in far away places?  Any of those activities could make a great home business.

When you go into a book store, which books do you gravitate to?  Cookbooks?  Romances? Biographies of world leaders?  Those topics could each contain really awesome possibilities for making money at home.

When you talk with friends, what do the topics seem to revolve around?  kids?  politics?  volunteer work?  These topics, too, have super potential for income generating businesses.

What are you really good at?  What do you know a bunch about?  Are you a local historian?  Do you know how to build model airplanes?  Is your collection of Marie Antoinette dolls really great?

There are a thousand things that you could claim to be an “expert” at.  Honest.  Even if it is knowing how to take stains out of wool carpet, you are an expert at something.

Having a unique skill is not unusual.  Actually taking that skill and turning it into a business is unusual.  Most people don’t even consider doing it.  You are different.  You are creative enough to actually consider doing just that.

Take a good look through this website and look at all the ways there are to create money making businesses at home.  Decide which option might work for you, and bring in your unique skill to create a business like none other.

A few years ago I helped a client set up a business as a tour guide in the south of Spain.  But she wasn’t just any old tour guide.  She specifically marketed to people who wanted to retire there.  So she helped them find housing, set up bank accounts, get utilities operating, get signed up for language classes, buy a car, get insurance, and all the millions of things you do when you move to a new place.  She did very, very well at this business.  And she loved it.  She met people who have become life long friends, and has developed a whole community of ex-pats in her region.

The south of Spain was her niche.  What is yours?   Southern Chattanooga?  It could be something entirely different.   I worked with one woman who had an autistic grandchild, and another woman who devoured tales of Dracula.  Both had really great businesses just waiting to take shape.

What’s waiting for you?  Take a while to ponder this.  You are welcome to post questions below, and to help out others too on their quest for a great way to make money at home.