Part 4 of 50+ Great Businesses for Great Women

Make money at home with teaching skills – Part 4 of the 5 part series “50+ Great Businesses for 50+ Great Women”. Get your FREE copy at the left.

We are a curious people.  We search, and research, and learn.  And if your skills include teaching, you can make some very nice money from a home business.  And it doesn’t matter what your subject is!

Consider Alyce.  She taught English to high schoolers, and worked in the night school with immigrants learning English.  She could have chosen either set of students to work with for her home business, but she chose the foreign students.  And it was an excellent choice.  In her night classes were students who could connect her the right people in Arabic countries and in China so that she could teach online, AND they provided translation services for her to get set up.  Working with foreign students, especially those in business or those planning on attending school in the US was a natural business, and it has evolved into a really great home business for her.

Janine was also an English teacher.  But instead of teaching online, she opted to edit papers — college papers, business papers, resumes.  She placed ads in smaller business publications and in college papers, and did a roaring business.

Su was reasonably certain that her library degree wouldn’t take her far in retirement.  But she highlighted her research skills and marketed her time and talent to a local university.  She knew full well that the students who hired her could have gotten the same research for free from the university librarians, but some students want it faster, or are too embarrassed to say that they don’t know how to do research.

The work is there.  The need is there.  All you really have to do is make up your mind that you want to do it.  All of these approaches make really outstanding home based businesses that earn real money.  And there really are slews more.  Whether your personal skill is teaching guitar or teaching skiing, that skill can carry you into retirement.

What ideas have you got in mind?  Share your ideas below, or help out someone who may be having a bit of trouble along the way.