You and I are far more creative than we give ourselves credit for, and yes! we can make money from home using those creative skills.

Teddy bear as a home business idea

Cuddle up to one of the very best internet business ideas!

When you stop to think about it, just about every business in the world requires some kind of creativity, whether it is baby sitting as a teenager or managing an office or discovering new genes.  If these teens and admins and scientists were not creative, odds are that they would not have the jobs they do have.

So what makes a “creative business” different?

For starters, a creative entrepreneur enjoys the creative aspects of her work, probably even setting aside administrative and sales tasks in favor of having fun with the creative stuff.  And that’s fine!  Goodness knows, I love playing around with creative projects, and more than once I have neglected “business” to just enjoy my business.  And you should too.

And so it follows that the hardest part about making money at home with a creative business is all that “other stuff”, the admin details, the bookkeeping, the advertising/promo, the phone answering, the planning.  I can’t make all of that go away. But I can stuff you full of all the info you can handle.  Just take a gander at the categories and tag cloud on the right, or search for the topic you want most.

And I can help make it easier by bringing together a group of intelligent, creative women, just like you … women who want a business that uses their best skills.  Together we can all be more successful.  Jot your comments/ ideas/ notes below.  Or you can write to me directly HERE.

Let’s get your creative business up and running and making money from home for you.