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Hermione Gingold and Maurice Chevalier in “Gigi”

A solopreneur blog takes a slew of special skills!

“The great idee”
“The money too”
“The Ideal Ones
(not just a few)”
Ah, yes, I remember it well
“I did it then”
“We did it too”
“I was all alone”
“No, just we two”
Ah, yes, I remember it well

I do indeed remember it well.  I really needed a QuickStart from HerBizNow.  That first site was just a sonofagun.  And I did it all wrong.  I picked a “niche” that wasn’t a “niche” at all.  I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours trying to get a toehold in a very competitive area, with no notion on how to market it.  I got so frustrated trying to battle The Big Boys.

Then along came the second site.  Two weeks of sheer bliss in researching and writing, and I was good to go.  In only two months the new site brought in more visitors, and more money, than the first site did after two years.  That was when I knew that a successful solopreneur blog was very possible.

Experience made all the difference.

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Karen Gurney, Career Coach

MaryAnn, you took the mystery out of which online business, marketing, and finance model to use! After five years of pursuing an internet model, I cannot tell you how important it was to me to have your guidance.  Others can shorten their learning curve from someone with years of experience that they can trust, and you provide that in spades!


Over the years, that first successful website has become even more elusive. Sometimes it is just all so overwhelming.

  • First you need a notion, a hint, an idea.woman with online business
  • Then test that notion for real niche topic potential
  • Look at the monetization options and determine if it this topic can meet your expectations.
  • Determine who your Ideal Client is, what her characteristics are.
  • Locate thousands more just like your Ideal Client.
  • Determine how to communicate with your potential client.
  • Establish what style of business will work best for the topic, and for you.
  • Develop a marketing strategy that incorporates your Ideal Client (and her sisters), as well as reaches out in your field.
  • Fold it all into a working blueprint that just works.


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E. Steneker, Moderator and Genuine Web Pro

MaryAnn, your insights are remarkable. I am so glad I called upon you. With 4 years experience I thought I didn’t need outside help anymore, but it turned out I had become blind to some very obvious mistakes I made. I think it is safe to say that if even a veteran like myself can improve his site with your guidance, anyone can! MaryAnn, you are worth your weight in gold.

Let’s Do It Together —



Quick Start for online business

Here’s what happens in our QUICK START for your solopreneur blog:

First send me the Interest Form below.

We may have a short conversation to resolve any outstanding issues, and if you are ready to proceed, I will send you the invoice.  After the invoice is paid, you and I have a conversation, sometimes via Skype, sometimes via email.  We talk about what it is that you are interested in, where you skills are, and what your goals are.  I tie down 2 to 4 possible topics for your website/blog.

I conduct a mini search on those topics, report my findings to you, and you narrow it down to which one you want.

Then I really get to work.

  • I conduct a professional investigation on the final concept.
  • I investigate the niche potential, your competition and up to 20 potential topics for solopreneur blog posts.
  • I identify top monetization options specifically for your business.
  • I find your Ideal Client and specify her key characteristics.
  • I find lots more Ideal Clients just like her, probably many thousands.
  • I search out how you might best communicate with your potential client base
  • I identify one or more possible website styles that will work for this topic, and determine what skills are needed to incorporate each.
  • I outline a marketing strategy for your topic, one that YOU, a solopreneur can execute.

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When I’ve done all this research,
I find THE TOPIC that is BEST FOR YOU,
and put it all into a WORKING BLUEPRINT for you.

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Q:  How long does this take?

Because I know my way around niches and monetization, I can typically have your first draft to you in a week to 10 days.  From the time you approve of the concept, it takes another week or so for me to polish it up.  Sometimes a bit less, sometimes a bit more.  But we are talking a couple of weeks, not months and months.

THAT’s why it is called a “QuickStart” Option.


Q:  Do I have input into the process?

Absolutely!  It is YOUR business, and it has to work for you.  Before I do anything, we determine together what two to four possible topic areas are.  I will never present you with something that you have not previously approved.

If if I run across new ideas while I am working, I definitely run them by you.

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Audrey Owen, Editor Extraordinaire

MaryAnn has been a colleague both in person and online since I was an entrepeneurial sprout. Her advice has always been solid and given in an encouraging tone and with language I could understand. She is ideally suited to coach others to meet their goals and realize their dreams.

Q:  How much does a QUICKSTART cost?

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From start to finish it is US$ 1225

in the Master Class
with all the lessons, ebooks, audio files,
bonuses and updates
for a whole year!

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Q:  Can I get payment terms for my QUICKSTART ?

The QUICKSTART goes so quickly that I cannot offer payment terms.  I do require payment up front in full.  If you need payment terms, put it on a credit card, even PayPal’s time payment option.

I keep the price this low by not becoming a collection agency.

Q:  What about a refund?

Generally, there are no refunds for a Quick Start.  It really goes so quickly that refund periods just don’t work.  By the time you pay the invoice, we will have already communicated, either via Skype or emails, and you will have a good notion of where we are headed.  My goal is to get us there as rapidly as possible.

Within a matter of days I will no doubt be in the midst of generating a lot of research to get you where you want to go.

Having said all that, once in a great while I have given refunds.  Once a client became very ill and her husband was unable to build the website, so although the work was completed, I granted them a refund.  Another time I just couldn’t come up with a plan of action that I thought would work for a particular client.  But these times are rare.  If you have a problem, let’s talk.  I’m not a mean person.  Honest.  What I really want is for you to be successful.

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Roxana Cernat

I have to confess that the term or idea of a ‘niche’ was somehow confusing to me, but I am not afraid of this term anymore and, as a consequence, I am not afraid of bringing my own unique presence into the market.


Q:  Can’t  I do all of this myself?

Yes, you can!  That is what the program FROM PASSION TO PROSPERITY is all about: doing it yourself with minimal input from me.

Some folks prefer getting going faster, and doing it professionally, and that’s what the QuickStart option is here for.  Essentially it is the same process, but with a solid layer of experience added.  In FROM PASSION TO PROSPERITY you do the work; in the QUICKSTART I do the work.

Q:  How can I sign up?

At the bottom of this page is an interest form.  Complete that form and send it to me.

Q:  Will I automatically be accepted for the QUICKSTART option?

Probably, but there are a couple of reasons it may not work out.

(1)  I may be booked up.  If this happens, I will give you the option of waiting until I can give your project the attention it needs, or stepping out of line.

(2)  Your topic ideas may be some that I don’t feel I can work with.  For example, I would not work with anything connected with pornography, nor anything that is in a subject area that I just don’t know.

Q:  What happens after I get accepted into the QUICK START option?

I will send you an invoice.  As soon as that is paid, we will arrange a time when we can talk via Skype, or converse via email.  That gets the project rolling.

Then I go away and work on your project.  Should I have questions along the way, I will email you.

When I have a good idea in sight, I will send you a mini report with what I have discovered.  If you approve of that idea, I will proceed to complete that idea as outlined above.  If you don’t like that idea, we try to determine an alternate topic and I go back to the drawing board.

After I get your approval via email, I really dig in and fill in all the details.

The blueprint that you will receive will be a 10-20 page report with all the material outlined for your new website.

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Isobel, Timeshare Pro

MaryAnn, thank you again for everything. I was stalled out on steps 2/3 for about 2 months, with perpetual knots in my stomach about making the wrong decisions. Your amazing blueprint has now propelled me all the way to the end in no time at all, and both Eric and I are consumed with excitement about launching our new site.


Q:  Why should I trust you to do it right?

Excellent question!  Actually, there are a few things I’ve got going in my favor.

I began my career as a research librarian and have used those skills for many years to help thousands of entrepreneurs in the venture capital world and the online business world.

When I had my first online business about 15 years ago, I joined an online forum, a big one.  The moderator of that forum quickly tagged me as “The Expert” in “niches” and “monetization”.   I worked for several years for that online small business forum, specializing in “niches” and “monetization”.

That is what I do here.  If you want bells and whistles on your site, I am not your gal.  But “niches” and “monetization” — you bet!

The Quick Start option is one of those pools of skills that just come naturally to me.  I love digging into this stuff.  I get a huge kick out of helping business folk find and develop just the right business for them.

So LET’S GO!  Here’s the interest form:  (You are also welcome to email me directly at “maryann@herbiznow.com”)

The Online Business ProI look forward to hearing from you!

Your Solopreneur Business Pro

p.s. — If you have found this interesting or useful, please share it with your colleagues.