Women at brunchBreakfast is nice.  And so is lunch.

But Brunch is a celebration!

My friend Carolyn once invited 50 or so guests to a Sunday brunch pig roast, not mentioning that a wedding ceremony would precede the brunch itself.  It was, without doubt, one of the most splendid weddings I’ve ever attended.

Your brunch may not have a wedding hidden in it, but my guess is that it will still have loads of fun, food and laughter.

Brunches are just great.  They are much easier to put together than fancy dinners.  There is tremendous variety for all pallets, from roast to vegan.  And everyone just seems so relaxed, so happy, at brunches.

There are so many great ways to present a site on brunches that it is hard to know where to begin.  The following ideas could be whole sites in themselves, or you might incorporate two or more ideas into one site.


All holidays!  All religions!  Yes, Christmas and Easter.  But also Buddhist celebrations and Wiccan solstices.  Even a picnic brunch for the Fourth of July is a fun idea.


Ensuring that there is something interesting for the kids can be challenging.  Consider including sort of quiet games they can play too, as the adults linger over the delicacies.


These picnics can be any time of the year, not just bright summer days.  The summer ones of course let you bask outdoors in snuggy sunshine.  But the winter ones provide surprises in the picnic basket by the fireplace.


Those who are not vegan sometimes have trouble coming up with recipes that are suitable for a vegan crowd.  When your recipes are delightful to the nose and palate, well, you’ve got a winning website.


Here’s the spot for amazing fruit based dishes — the more exotic, the better.  Be sure to include info on decorations, and the different types of tropical locales, like Hawaii and Puerto Rico and Venezuela.  A South Seas Island Adventure would be a wonderful way to spend a Sunday brunch time.


All the incredible barbeque ideas can be used here, like different kinds of kabobs, meals wrapped in aluminum foil, sweet and sour options on ribs, dozens of great hot dogs, and so many more.  Of course, there are all the side dishes to present as well, so this could indeed be a robust site.


A whole restaurant chain was built on the concept of waffles, and another on pancakes.  There are simply so many varieties of each that guests might come back for seconds, or even thirds.

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No matter what your core focus, there are slews of things you can do on a brunch site. For example:

INVITATIONS to the party.  Have printouts for your visitors, or sell packages of theme styled invitations.

DECOR.  Napkins, balloons, candles, lanterns, table cloths, flowers — all that, and more go into creating the ambiance your visitors are looking for.  There are any number of affiliate companies that can provide everything your visitors might need, and you earn a commission every time they purchase something.

COSTUMES.  A South Seas brunch with costumes is such fun.  Find a costume house that has an affiliate option, and become an affiliate.  A Riveria theme can bring out all the glitz that anyone could ever want.  Your site visitors may opt to have costume parts on hand, like leis, or  they might ask guests to provide their own costumes.  A Halloween brunch or a Bunny Brunch could provide some surprises too.

RECIPES.  While this is pretty much a given, give some thought to what format your recipes will be in.  Putting all your recipes online leaves little incentive for your visitors to buy a recipe book.

Think about putting a few recipes on site, then creating a small book of top tier recipes.  Sell that book for $5-10, or more, and you could end up making nice profit.

Also consider featuring other cookbooks on your site.  The profit percentage isn’t as high, but the sales could be substantial.

TOOLS FOR COOKING.   Every style of cooking has special tools that make it more authentic, and easier to create.  Search out those tools and make them available to your visitors.

In addition to featuring products for sale on each page, also give thought to setting up a whole Shop online that has everything from the individual pages, and more.

There is just so much potential in a brunch themed blog/website.  It is one that can start small then grow and grow.  You visitors will keep coming back for more ideas for a long time to come!