pretty journalMy love affair with journaling started with a blank journal that Oprah sent me.  I think it was for an online meditation series, but the journal arrived long after the meditation series was over.

“Mmmmm,” I recall thinking. “Whatever shall I do with this?”  It was a nice journal, much too nice for my modest thoughts, and I was much too busy to do that journaling thing-y anyhow.  So it sat on my bookshelf for many months.  Then one day I took it with me when I went for a walk in the woods, and my poetry life came alive.

Since then I’ve acquired lots of journals, some as gifts, and some that I have purchased myself.  Each one is a treasure.  I use each from time to time, so there is no chronology in the entries at all.  But that style seems to suit me.

And I have come to truly appreciate the burst of interest in journaling.

What we once called “keeping a diary” has become this fascinating adventure in creation, with images and bits of thoughts and poems and recipes and snippets of lace and whatever else is important to us.  As computer influence grew over the past few decades, we seem to have lost a part of our own creativity, and we are now recapturing it in personal journals.

And the market is now IMMENSE.  There seems to be a gene eating away at us, telling us to create, create, create.  If it hasn’t reached you yet, it will!

There are so many kinds of journals now, like

  • Personal journals
  • Prayer journals
  • Travel journals
  • “People I know” journals
  • Baby journals
  • Mommy journals
  • Cooking journals
  • Home journals
  • Family journals
  • Poetry journals
  • Art journals
  • “Important to me” journals
  • Kitty journals
  • Wedding journals
  • Scrapbooking (which can also be any of the above)

As an entrepreneur, there are several ways you can tap into this market.

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Should you be gifted with skill in leather work, fabric design, or fanciful creation of any kind, create hand made journals.  Whether you opt for a standard line of journals, or create custom journals on special order, there is a huge market there.

While I personally admire the ones handcrafted from scratch, journals like the one pictured above are created on a base that is already there, in this case a spiral notebook, and they can indeed be beautiful.

Also I was at our local holiday art and craft fair a few days ago and I ran across a crafty person who had taken old books, removed the old spine, and added some blank pages to the remaining pages in the book. Then the whole set was spiral bound, perfect for all kinds of notebooks and cookbooks and writing books.  I got one of the Nancy Drew titles for one of my friends — I know she will love it.

An online journal page

The “new diary”, a creative journal page.


Handcrafted paper is such a luxury.  The textures and colors are simply exquisite.  You might sell the paper separately as part of the “journal supply” business, or combine it with custom covers and binding.


With all the different types of journal possible, the list of potential supplies is truly limitless, bounded only by your imagination.  Pens, inks, paints, glues, papers, blank journals — all of these are basic.  Then add ribbons and fabrics and doilies and laces and lettering and oh, just so much more.


Many women who want to journal do so as soloists.  But there is such joy and creativity in a group environment that it would be wonderful if you could bring some of these solos together.

How about a Creative Journaling Group?  Online, of course.  There are a couple of ways you might do this.  You might have each person share a page or two from her own journal.  With modern technology, it would be a small matter for them to take pictures and submit them for sharing.  Charge a fee for membership and create as many groups as you can.

Or you might have a membership where you send out a package of supplies each month, with every member creating her own journal.  Again, sharing with the group would be a strong component of this group, whether the sharing is via an online session or in a FaceBook page.  As a membership site, you would be guaranteed “X” number of members each month, so you would know how many supplies to order.

I came to journaling reluctantly, but I am so glad I discovered it.

With a business focused on helping other women journal, not only will you have a solid business yourself, but you will help thousands of women tap into their own creativity, and that ain’t nuthin’ to sneeze at!