Little girl smells flowerDiamonds are little. And bees and bugs.  And miniature roses.  Oh, and just so many other things.  These are the little things that make spectacular website topics.

Look at that charming image.  What might it inspire for your website?  little girls?  little girl dresses?  native plants to grow in little pots?  little flowers?  little games for discovering nature?  a little story about a little girl?  tiny jewelry, just for her?

So often in Life, and online, we tend to focus on The Big Stuff.  In truth, it is not The Big Stuff that makes life Life.  It is all the millions and millions of little things.  If it weren’t for that little girl, and all the little things she brings to mind, Life just wouldn’t have much meaning.

Even when your topic is a Big One, like helping people buy their dream home, don’t ever let the little things slip by.  That dream home with a tree house for children or grand children may have a much stronger selling point than one with a great view.

Back when I was working in the venture capital field, everything seemed so important, so big.  Perhaps that was so because the venture capital world was — and is — 99% male dominated.

I think that’s why I opted to focus on women’s businesses here.  We really do have a different perspective on what Life is, or could be.  If you are looking to start an online business now, you have the most wonderful opportunity you could ever imagine to let that little flame grow in your heart and create an online business that you truly love, and one that is profitable too.

Each of those topics that I noted above — little girls,  little girl dresses,  native plants to grow in little pots,  little flowers,  little games for discovering nature,  a little story about a little girl,  tiny jewelry, just for her — each and every one of them would make a grand website.  (Also diamonds, and bees and bugs, and miniature roses)  And when it is a site that you can write from your heart, it will be hugely successful.

Hardly any topic is “too small”.  The internet is so immense, and doubling its size every few months, that unimaginable millions are gobbling up all the information they can find.  These millions upon millions of people want to find just what YOU can give them: creative, honest options for whatever it is that they are looking for.

So when searching for your topic, look to the little things in Life.  You will be glad — forever — that you did so.