Irish music womenIt donna matter if you are inclined to an Irish music blog, or a Swedish music blog, or a traditional Renaissance music blog.  If you like music, and you know a thing or two about it, then here’s your pot o’ gold, just waitin’ for you!

There’s just no denying that everyone wants to know where they are from, and once they’ve discovered the Irish in their ancestry, it’s off to learn all about Irish music and Irish culture and Irish costumes.

“Everything Irish” is a pretty big topic, so I’ve narrowed it down to “Irish music”, but you could indeed choose any of the other topics and do just as well.  Just imagine what you would want to know about your heritage.  THAT’s what you want to create a blog about.

That’s not to say that an “Irish music” blog won’t include information on Irish costumes or munchies, but the music will be your core subject matter.

Let’s see how that would work.

Main Topics For An Irish Music Blog

  • Celtic music
  • Celtic dances
  • Traditional instruments
  • Modern Irish musicians
  • Costumes for musicians
  • Where to find authentic Irish music
  • Reviews of music releases by Irish artists
  • Cruise ships that feature Irish music as entertainment
  • Tours of towns where Irish music is played, both in US and abroad
  • How to learn to play an Irish instrument
  • Dancing an Irish jig
  • Plays that feature Irish music
  • Movies with Irish music

There is so much more you might include too.

Finding Your Irish

My guess is that there are a slew of these folks already on FaceBook who would love to learn about your blog.  And don’t stop with the Irish, also search for folk music and other forms of music that you talk about.

Irish music banner

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Growing Your Irish Music Blog

In the beginning, you will likely sell stuff on your blog — tee shirts, CDs, art prints, etc.  That’s where most of us start.

But as your following grows, there is room for tremendous expansion.

How about sponsoring a tour of Irish musicians coming through your region?  or create an “Irish night” at a local tavern?  or create a whole “Irish weekend” with music, movies, food and everything Irish.

Become THE source for Irish music information.  Team up with pros who know Irish cooking, Irish architecture, etc., and make a circle of Everything Irish.  The marketing power of a group like this is simply phenomenal.

B’gosh and b’golly, this sounds like such great fun, AND it really is a lucrative corner of the blog world.  Here’s hoping your find your pot o’ gold soon!