hummingbirds for solopreneur business
O, solopreneurs, those glorious hummingbirds can take your business on a flight of fancy!

I do love all creatures great and small, except the deer when they eat my roses, and a few undesirable sorts of critters.  But there is a very spacial place in my heart for hummingbirds.

These captivating little creatures come in so many colors, and artists of all ilk have drawn upon their wonder to create the most wonderful things.

Would you believe that the image here is of a shower curtain?  Isn’t that incredible!  I can just imagine the purples and blues that would be in the towels and rugs to accent this very special piece.

That is the kind of unique product that you can bring to your blog on hummingbirds.

Goodies for the Hummingbirds in Your Life

hummingbird feeder for solopreneur businessHummingbirds don’t require a great deal.  A feeder.  Some food.  Some flower so they can search for sweet nectar.

There are, however, probably a hundred different designs for hummingbird feeders, and you can feature each and every one on your hummingbird blog.

Here is one hummingbird feeder that pops onto the outside of your window, so you can spend hours watching their antics.

When I lived in southern California, I set up my balcony so that my chaise lounge looked at the hummingbird feeder, but didn’t interfere with it.  My great hobby was capturing the most splendid images of these creatures, and watching how they interacted around the feeder.  Did you know that when they nose-dive, it is at speeds of 100 mph or more, and this is part of their courtship.  Fascinating.

Decorating With Hummingbirds

First, if you personally create ANYTHING, odds are that you can create it with a hummingbird theme.  Here is where your strongest profit margin will be, so consider this first.

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How do you develop a client base for hummingbird products?

Start right here:

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(Hint:  For a topic like “hummingbirds” or “decorating with hummingbirds”,
search for “birders” or “decorating” or “home decor”)

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There is, of course, everything in stained glass that you can imagine, for hummingbird colors lend themselves to this art form so readily.  Things like

  • hummingbird welcome for soloprenuerSun catchers
  • Bird feeders
  • Sun dials
  • Glasses
  • Exquisite lamps
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Lawn decor
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces and pendants
  • Bowls

hummingbird sculpture for solopreneurBy the time we expand into paintings and needlework, the list of options absolutely explodes:

  • Tea towels
  • Shower curtains
  • Napkins
  • Tea cups
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Silky scarves and shawls
  • Coloring books
  • Crystal work
  • Socks!
  • Wall art
  • Wall paper
  • Decals
  • Tee shirts and sweat shirts

giclee hummingbird for solopreneurThere are several places that you will find the most amazing hummingbird pieces.  Amazon, of course.  But don’t stop there.  If you become an affiliate at you will discover over 900 pieces featuring hummingbirds, like the giclee print shown here!

Try to hook up, too, with individual artists who feature hummingbirds.  Odds are that your marketing skills will be stronger than those of the artist and that she will welcome the partnership.

Then there is Zazzle for creating your own hummingbird mouse pads, iphone covers, aprons, tee shirts, and oodles more.

In short, there is A LOT that you can do to bring together a fascinating collection of hummingbird items.

The really good news is that once you have found someone who reeeeeally likes hummingbirds, odds are that she will remain your customer for years to come.

Once you start looking for hummingbirds, you will discover them everywhere.  Artists of all have made this little winged creatures favorites for creativity for a long time, and justifiably so.

While you bring beauty into people’s lives, you can enjoy a very nice life yourself.  It just doesn’t get much better than that!