Image of blue morpho butterfly

Blue Morpho Butterfly from the Amazon Rainforest

Creating a “how to help butterflies” website is truly one of the most wonderful things you can do.  The information is desperately needed, and there is a market for it.

Butterflies are among the most glorious of all creatures.  Some travel thousands and thousands of miles on their journey.  There is even one kind of monarch that makes a huge circle over three generations in order to reach its destination.

There are thousands of different kinds of butterflies, and nearly all of them are in danger of extinction.

That’s where you come in.

While we all love butterflies, and we all say that we want to do something to help butterflies, few of us actually know how to go about it.  There is just so much you could present on your website:

  • How to help butterflies in different geographical areas;
  • What kind of plants butterflies like;
  • Selling the plants (and seeds) for growing butterfly plants;
  • How to grow butterfly plants ecologically, with no GMOs;
  • How to create butterfly art — in paintings, in pottery, in jewelry;
  • Selling artistic works of butterflies for garden, home and wearing;
  • Keeping away creatures that may prey on butterflies;
  • How even a small potted garden can help;
  • Raising awareness in your community;
  • Teaching classes on butterfly horticulture;
  • Selling “butterfly kits” with everything needed for a garden;
  • Sell butterfly pillows, pens, mouse pads, aprons, caps, etc.
  • Children’s activities with butterflies;
  • Create and sell a butterfly coloring book.

I once dreamed of creating a “butterfly kimono” business, with kimonos in the style and colors of butterflies from around the world.  What a spectacular collection that would have been.  I never got around to doing that, but you can.

Or paint tennies with butterfly themes.

Or create silver charms of butterflies.

Ohmygoodness, the list just goes on and on.  There is a tremendous amount that you can teach about butterflies, and a tremendous amount of sales potential of butterfly related products.

This is a topic I can personally really get excited about.  I hope do too.  The world needs your creative touch in saving these very special creatures.