Lotus blossom for Christian home business

The lovely lotus blossom, the nearly universal symbol of peace in home based Christian businesses, and in most other religions too.

I went searching for some non-Christian religious items on the internet.  What I found distressed me.  So I did another search, this time for purely Christian items, then another search for Jewish items.  And the same thing kept happening.

Here is what I found:  The overwhelming majority of items shown on the web as religious items of any kind seem to come from a central warehouse.  Rarely, rarely did I discover truly original pieces that I would be proud to have in my home.

That made me truly sad.

Religion of any kind — Christian, Moslem, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Wiccan, anything — is not massed produced.  Religion is personal.  It seems that we should be able to locate and even purchase religious items that speak to us personally.

I think what distressed me even more is that most Christian and religious businesses are being promoted over the internet as trustworthy options for Christians and non-Christians alike.  And it ain’t necessarily so.  Most of these religious businesses were “businesses”.  Period.  Some were good, and some were not.  Inserting “Christian” or “Buddhist”, etc., into the website in a feeble attempt to gain trust irks the daylights out of me.

But that is where you come in.

The Ethical Component Of The Home Based Christian Business

You are not BigCo.  You are you.  Your products are what you have personally made; your services are what you personally provide.  You just have no idea how important that is the world of internet marketing.

So What Can A Religious Business Offer?

Well, just about anything.  For example, you might offer

  • Hand crafted candlesticks, or candles made from bees wax;
  • Custom made choir robes;
  • Books and cards, either written by you or by others;
  • Personally designed icons like stars and crosses;
  • Custom designed tallit and carrying cases  (actually, there are so many arts and crafts associated with Judaism that I couldn’t begin to list them all here);
  • Charming goddesses for home mantles;
  • Crafts for children’s Sunday school classes;
  • Jewelry reflecting your beliefs;
  • Imported items made in the country of your religion;
  • Calendars with your special holidays noted;
  • Art work that reflects your beliefs.

There are as many ideas for Christian websites as there are webmistresses.  Truly, take an idea that you are comfortable with, and create it with a religious theme.  Take your artwork and create items for walls and tables and mantles and worship services.  Take your writing skill and create wonderful stories, for children or for adults.

Look through some of the standard websites for your religion.  Find out what they offer.  Then do it better.

The same advice hold true for all religions — Buddhist, Moslem, Jewish, wiccan, Hindu, and all others.

There is a market for religious themed items.  That is the only reason that BigCo is involved in this market niche.  If there were no market, BigCo wouldn’t be here.

Make it yours and you will differentiate yourself from any competition in no time at all.  With the love and care that you put into each piece, it will be uniquely yours.

How Do I Sell Products From A Home Based Christian Business?

The sales component is always the most difficult, especially for religious themed items.  Fortunately, most people who buy religious items understand that there is a price.  Make your price as fair as possible, and perhaps even competitive, then set up your sales channels.

Home Parties.  This is an excellent choice for virtually all religious themed items.  In the comfort of a friend’s home, your customers can look through your products and purchase just what they want.

Internet.  Setting up your own website to feature your products is a great option.  It does require some tech skill, but it expands your potential customer base to a truly international scope.  This is the option that allows for almost unlimited expansion.  Look to sites like Etsy if you are not computer proficient yourself.

Market to specialty shops.  Nearly every religion has specialty shops in geographic areas convenient to their potential clientele.  Locate those shops and contact them about carrying your product.  Odds are that they will want you to provide them on a consignment basis, at least until they get an idea of how popular your items will be.

Advertise in targeted magazines.  Nearly every religion has specialized magazines.  These magazines go directly to your potential customers, so they could be an excellent advertising venue for your home based Christian business.

In short, treat this business like a business.  Selling to friends and neighbors, and even to your own church, is nice.  But it will take serious marketing to be a real success.

The “Everything” Alternative To A Home Based Christian Business

Your religious home based business need not have “religious” items in it.  It could be almost anything.

Truly, everything presented on this website could be applied to a religious themed business.  Even if your product is exquisite ceramics of woodpeckers, that can be a religious based company simply by treating your customers as the most important people in the world.  Put your religious training to the test in building your business with solid relationships with all your suppliers and customers.  Businesses like this are rare, and you will find appreciation from everyone you work with.

If you have an idea on how you will build your home based religious business, please do share it with us in the Comments section below.  We would love to hear about it!