Greenhouse gardeningI lived most of my life in California, the land of perpetual springtime, where greenhouses were not really needed.  Now that I am in Oregon, I understand the importance of greenhouse gardening, and except for some books at my local bookstore, information seems to be woefully lacking, especially reliable information.

You see, I’ve just got a wild urge to go get my hands dirty, and a greenhouse seems like the best option. I am not certain what it is about women and growing stuff, but the connection is real.

There is a famous story about a woman who brought a single rose bush across country in a covered wagon, even through severe drought in the desert, and that one rose bush was the beginning of a whole industry here.  I get it.  Were my house burning, I would be sorely tempted to grab a special plant or two, right after my kitties were safe.

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If you happen to know about gardening in greenhouses, there is a slew of stuff you could write about, like:

  • What kind of greenhouse to choose, and what the difference is for different constructions.
  • Can I build my own greenhouse?  If so, how?
  • A greenhouse looks flimsy.  How long will it last?
  • What tools do I need?
  • What can I grow in a greenhouse?
  • How do I plant plants in pots?
  • What kind of watering system do I need?
  • Is a greenhouse deer proof?
  • Do I need special lighting?
  • Do I need special heating?
  • What a greenhouse can, and cannot, accomplish.
  • The floor of a greenhouse.

There’s a bunch of stuff I need to know.

And there are a bunch of opportunities for you to make sales on these topics.

How about a membership site where us greenhouse newbies could get together and share stories?

Weekly tips would be nice too.

This is not a difficult topic to work with.  Use lots of pictures, probably mostly from your own greenhouse.  Videos are nice too, and you might sell them on Amazon.

Push a few creative buttons with tees and sweatshirts for greenhouse gardeners, and sell them via CafePress.

Create some truly unique greenhouse gardener sun hats.

Show how to build a greenhouse, and create a list of supplies your visitor will need.  Take it one step further:  Ask people to sign up for your email list, and as a thank you give them that list of supplies of a greenhouse.

Few sites have as many options as a site like a greenhouse gardening site.  No matter your skill level on the computer, with your skill on the ground you will do well.