gourmet puppy treatsLove me, love my puppy.  And you can indeed with your very own creation:  gourmet puppy treats!

I pamper my pets.  I suspect you do too.  So do Allie and Su and Curly and Jennifer and … well, everyone.  Creating a gourmet treat for puppies would be such a delightful business, and a potentially very lucrative one as well.

As with all food related businesses, there are a few steps to follow, but it is not difficult.

First Comes The Recipe for Your Gourmet Puppy Treats

Set yourself apart from the crowd with “organic” and “natural” and “made in USA” products.  And don’t be shy about advertising those options.  These are HUGE selling points, so shout it out.

Whether your decoration comes in the treats themselves, or in the packaging, make it festive.  These are goodies that you want folks to give as gifts to their favorite pets (or pet owners).

Have your favorite veterinarian check out the ingredients and endorse your product.  If you have endorsements from several vets, so much the better.

Simply put, your gourmet puppy treats need to be

  • Tasty,
  • Eye appealing, and
  • Healthy

Promoting Your Gourmet Puppy Treats

There are so many options in finding your market niche that your biggest decision will be choosing which one to pursue.

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Market to specific breeds online 

A sale to a French poodle owner could well be presented partly in French, with a picture of this sassy breed on the box.

A Great Dane will need a different kind of goodie than a Shih Tsu, so market accordingly.  The more specific your market, the more likely your sale.

Rather than trying to create whole new boxes for each type of goodie, try using a plain box with different colored ribbons and tags.  Ribbons and tags are a lot cheaper to create than whole boxes.

Start with two or three breeds and expand as you are comfortable doing so.  Even the Heinz 57 mutt deserves its own packaging.

Create partnerships with other breed specific websites, perhaps those creating clothing or toys.

Market to Pet Shops and Vets

The big box stores are likely to go for “cheap” stuff, and that’s not you.  So look to smaller shops, groomers and dog sitters.

There are thousands of independent people who work with pets.  Especially on holidays they are likely to want gifts for their clients.  There is an amazing market here — go for it.

You will find a lot of these folks online, which is a whole lot cheaper than print advertising.  Even consider placing ads on websites that they are likely to frequent, and become an active participant in their forums.

Provide Outstanding Personal Service

You are not PetCo.  You are you.  You can provide a level of customer service that leaves the big guys drooling.

Include a personal note with your orders.

Offer birthday cards to pooches.

Create special Christmas and Valentine Day greetings and packaging.

Provide a FaceBook group where your customers can converse.  Post provocative questions and invite photos of their pets.

There are so many options in creating the product, and the packaging and the promotion that this idea can be shared by dozens, and still leave room for more creativity.