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You don’t need a magic guru.  You don’t need bells and whistles.  You don’t need the latest, greatest thing.

In fact, all of those things can easily be distracting.


You do need…

A solid idea that piques your creativity, an idea that wraps around real monetization.



creative idea imageThis isn’t the Georgia O’Keefe type of creativity. 

No, it is YOUR kind of creativity, a creativity where you can take an idea and find its flavors and nuances, a creativity that can make someone smile while they are learning.

Passion is dandy for a website, whether it is your first online business, or your fiftieth.  But if that passion can’t earn money — legitimately — then it is worse than no good.  An ill advised website saps your time, your energy, even your reputation, and that is simply lousy.

It is your creativity that will fuel the monetization on your website, and that is hugely important.


So how do I know what is, and what is not, a great idea?

Well, we start with topics you already know, topics you enjoy.  We look in places no one else even thinks of looking, and we discover possibilities that weren’t even on your radar before.  Here’s what one of our members said: 

Candace Kolter

Candace Kolter

You have a fabulous list of where to look for passions, and I have still not exhausted that list. I have taken another “passions” test several times, and each time the answers have changed because that test does not narrow things down the way your test does. 



That initial idea is re-e-e-e-eally important.  It forms the basis for all the rest of the research that we do on your topic.

And here’s the real bonus:  Should we discover that one passion just doesn’t work out, you now have the tools and expertise to discover lots more ideas.  That is no small accomplishment.

What do you mean, “If it doesn’t work out”?  That sounds scary.

detectiveWe don’t just assume that any topic is a good topic.  Once we have our first choice, we go and investigate it. 

Sometimes a topic just doesn’t make the cut.

~ Sometimes there just isn’t a cost effective way of promoting a specific topic.

~ Sometimes we just can’t identify a style of website that works well with the topic AND that you are comfortable with too.

~ Maybe the topic doesn’t have enough interest, i.e., there just aren’t enough people interested in the topic to form a solid pool of potential clients for a business.

Lots of things can derail a topic. But not to worry.  If any glitches pop up, we simply go back and look at another topic, another passion. 

You have the tools you need to do this … at absolutely NO COST to you.  So even if you are just a curious sort of kitty, you can look at as many possibilities as you like.  

Whoa, there, what’s this about “clients”?
Don’t I need just one Ideal Client?

 Well, yes, we do identify your one Ideal Client, with a specificity that is genuinely amazing. For example, we will know

∗ Her age ∗ Her income ∗ Her favorite blogs ∗ If she is married and has children ∗ What style of life she leads ∗ What kind of car she likes ∗ What sort of job she has ∗ Where she lives … and … are you ready for this?

∗ We will know if she likes to buy things online! ∗ 

There’s just a whole lot more we will know about her too, but that “buying online” item is a real eye opener.  If your Ideal Client doesn’t buy things online, you are barking up the wrong tree by presenting her with things to buy online.

So let’s get that Ideal Client thing-y right, right at the start.


Then, once we’ve got your Ideal Client, we’ll head on out and find thousands
— THOUSANDS — more just like her.


There has been an awful lot of hype about that “Ideal Client”, so much that we sometimes lose track of the fact that we need a whole more than one client to make a business successful.

So we just go out and find you slews of them.

For a special one hour FREE Master Class on finding your Ideal Client (and thousands more!), just click here. 

Isn’t that what fancy (i.e., expensive) marketing companies do?

Yes, it is.  And you can do it too.  With FREE TOOLS.  Honest. I’ll take you step by step to capture the exact information that you need to make an informed, intelligent choice on your topic.

NONE of the tools that I recommend will cost a penny.

Best yet, these are the very same tools that the pros use when they charge you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

And that “promotion” thing — Isn’t that for advertising companies to do too?

Indeed, yes, advertising and public relations companies do a whole lot of promotional stuff. Here’s the scoop:  Your big competitors likely have a whole staff to do nothing but promotional stuff.  Here’s the marketing/ advertising department of BigCo, one of your big competitors: competitors for womens business online

And here’s you:

Houston, we’ve got a problem.

The BigCo guys learned all about allocating $10,000 a week in 623 different promotional projects to generate 23,539 new leads each week.  These guys know all about paradigms and charting results minute by minute.

That’s not us.

Odds are pretty good that you and I — the solopreneurs — aren’t spending $10,000 a week in promotion, and goodness knows we could never keep track of 623 different promotional projects, no matter how many leads they generated. We need a whole different approach to marketing and promotion, and this is IT. 

Top Marketing Tactics for the Time Challenged Solopreneur

The book for us wasn’t written.  So I wrote it.  It is called TOP MARKETING TACTICS FOR THE TIME CHALLENGED SOLOPRENEUR.  (Yep, that’s us.)

Use these 20+ techniques to promote and grow their business in jiffy time!

Manage these marketing tactics by yourself — no expensive outside contractors needed.

Best yet, you won’t often bump into BigCo here — these are tactics just for US!

Also, the marketing tactics that we look at are very flexible.  If one doesn’t work, or work as well as we had hoped, just add another or replace it entirely with a different option.  Add and delete options to build just the right marketing approach for your business.

Gro-o-o-ow your business as big as you want.  Cool.

OK.  But you are talking about a huge course to learn all this stuff, aren’t you?


From Passion to Prosperity

I guess it depends on what you call “huge”.  FROM PASSION TO PROSPERITY actually includes:

  • 20+ audio tapes with transcripts
  • Worksheets
  • Resource tools for Marketing and Monetization
  • Bonuses on SEO, Finance, and more

How long does it take to get through all this info?

That is up to you. 

As soon as you join the Master Class, you have access to everything.  Nothing is held back. 

If you want to sit down and go through it all in a day or two, you can. 

Most people probably take several days, or even a month or so. Any time you want to go back and review anything, you are welcome to do it. 

You have FULL ACCESS for ONE FULL YEAR.  Learn all you can, and reap the benefits of any new material added during that year. 

Isn’t that much information confusing for Newbies?

It can be.  Remember, though, that I have taught this course more than once.  In fact, over a seven year period I taught these very same techniques to several hundred personal coaching clients in all kinds of fields, from sites on chocolate chip cookies to debt management. THIS is the stuff you need, without the fluff. 

Ijeoma Eleazu

jeoma Eleazu

I cannot pull myself away from the course, and it is 2 a.m.!  ... Thank you so much for the opportunity to go through this course. There is so much great information and you break it down into sizeable, doable steps. 


The Steps

So what are the “steps” that Ijeoma is talking about?

 Basically, we focus on the “Creative Idea” that we talked about up above, and here is what happens.

Step 1:  Passion or Profit? 

Step 1 - Passion

There is indeed a place for both Passion and Profit online.  It is up to you to determine how important each goal is to your business.

  • First:  Identify YOUR Passions, complete with Worksheets.  YOU tell ME where your true interests are.  We explore lots of options, so you will have lots of ideas.

The rest of the course identifies those specific interests that can become a real business.

  • Next:  Identify PROFITABLE Passions with FREE TOOLS, complete with worksheets.

We don’t dally around.  Right up front we need to know if the topic you dream about is really profitable, so we target specific niches that we know ARE profitable.

Don’t waste your time or energy working on topics that just aren’t feasible.  NOW is the time to gauge just what your future holds on any given topic.  We refine the results later, but this is a top notch start.   

Step 2:  Products/Services and Monetization

  • Step 2 - Prosperity / Monetization


Here is where we really get serious about making money online.  We really take time to review the amazing publication EXPLODE YOUR WEBSITE MONETIZATION: 19 TOP INCOME STREAMS YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW.

There are hundreds and hundreds of ways to make money online.  Let’s identify those income streams that are most effective for YOUR business, ways that you can manage on your own without sophisticated coding or sublime artwork.

monetization for websites Years ago a forum moderator tagged me as the “niche” and “monetization” expert, and so began my journey of helping literally thousands of entrepreneurs find their profitable niches.

EXPLODE YOUR MONETIZATION!  This is another book that had never been written, but needed to be, and so I put together the absolute TOP ways to explode your monetization. 

Even with these amazing 19 ways to earn money online, I haven’t exhausted the topic.  There are more!  But these are a great selection that will get you started in good form. Add some new income streams any time you like.  The world is your oyster now. scroll

There is one thing I am especially pleased to share with you:


Here is the legitimate insider’s scoop on how I earned a five-figure income my first month in business.


I know that not everyone will hit that five-figure mark so quickly, but I do know that it can be done. 

This is no fly by night scheme.  It is truly THE fastest way to earn money online, working as a solo professional, not as a scammer.

Incidentally, I really HATE scammers.  I see so much cruddy stuff on the web, so many empty promises.  And, yes, I’ve been caught in the web of some of these fast talkers myself.  I think it is a learning curve that we all just need to go through.

If you goal is to set a scam of sort, read no further.  I can’t — and won’t — help you.  But I will knock myself out to help legitimate business people.

EXPLODE YOUR MONETIZATION is a real game changer on the scene: 

monetization recommendation

Juli Sandeen

EXPLODE YOUR MONETIZATION is so good you shouldn't give it away. You should sell it separately!

But we aren’t finished!

  • Get Affiliates and Joint Ventures to Work For YOU

Both affiliates and joint ventures hold massive opportunity for the solopreneur. Most gurus tell you that you have to have thousands of people on your email list before ever thinking about joint ventures.  Well, it just isn’t so.  Here we explore how to go about it, even if you are a Newbie.

Step 3:  Your Community, Your Peeps 

Step 3 - Your Community / Your Peeps

Every online business is built around the concept of a community.  Your community is your client base.  No community/ no client base.  It is that simple.  So we ensure that you really do have a client base before going further.

  • Four Fabulous Ways to Quantify Your Community

Let’s take the time here to find out how many people there are who are truly interested in your topic, and how many you may need to create a successful business.   There are four very strong ways to do this — all for FREE — so just pick the way(s) that work best for you.

scroll for solopreneur

Join a 1 Hour Master Class:
“Find Your Ideal Client (and Thousands More!)

Just click here
scroll forsolopreneurss teach english

  •  A Word With Your Competitors

Most entrepreneurs fight against their competitors, as if the competitor were taking business away from them.  Well, they aren’t.  Odds are really that you and your competitors have very complimentary businesses.

Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier if your competitors considered you an ally, not a threat?  and you considered them the same?  Well that is what we do here.  You can access their knowledge (and their client base) and still help them too — a real win-win scenario.   

Step 4:  Stepping Out In Style

Step 4 - Stepping Out in Style

 This sounds fluffy, but trust me, it can be a real deal breaker.

There are 7 major styles of website.  Finding the style of website that matches your particular skill set is absolutely critical to your success.

For example, suppose you want to set up a storefront with hundreds of hummingbird products.  It would be a gorgeous site.  But if you don’t know HTML and CSS coding, don’t go near it.  You will end up paying a programmer every dime that you earn, and more. Most topics fit comfortably into several different styles of website.  That hummingbird site would sit well in several other styles of website.

Your website style is important.  Very important.  Don’t skip this step, even if you think you have found the most perfect topic in the world. 

All Kinds Of Extras!!

Wow. Where do I begin here?

The Facebook Group

Soloprenuer - Small Business Ideas and Mentouring For WomenWell, for starters, everyone who joins the master class FROM PASSION TO PROSPERITY has access to our own private FaceBook Group:
This is a group just for YOU and ME and OTHER MEMBERS of the Master Class.  Ask questions, make connections, help out others too. 
I’ll be stopping by to respond to your questions too, so you will never ever feel like you are tackling this alone.  

A Whole Collection of Ideas

Home Businesses for Women

Ideas for CREATIVES!  for ADMINS!  for EDUCATORS!  and moree!

The series is called 50+ GREAT IDEAS FOR GREAT WOMEN, but there are nearly 100 great ideas here, all for the taking. A

nd this is just the beginning.  We explore lots of other ways to find YOUR BEST OPTIONS for website topics too.


Bonus Publications


You won’t find these publications anywhere else.  I created these especially for members of FROM PASSION TO PROSPERITY, filling big gaps in information for online entrepreneurs.

We’ve talked about TOP MARKETING TACTICS (see above).

FINANCE YOUR HOME BUSINESS NOW is based on the knowledge that SBA, venture capital, and even banking are just not real options for most online businesses.  I set out to find some real alternatives to financing your business, and here they are — the TOP 13 WAYS TO FINANCE YOUR HOME BUSINESS

The White Paper Extras With YOU In Mind

bouquet of resources

It is great to have your topic, one that you have researched and vetted, one that you know is powerful, one that you really enjoy.

Then when you step out to build your website there are some things that just come in handy.  These are things that are hard to find, and some that you just won’t find anywhere else.  They are all part of our “Goodies” extra. 

Here you will discover things like: 

  • E-JUNKIE: AN INTRO GUIDE to the cheapest, and easiest, way to accept money online

And of course there are others, with new ones being added all the time.   

Now I am Really Scared.  What does all of this Cost?

Now is when most web pros bring out fancy charts and show you how their goods are worth multi-thousands of dollars. And, in truth, this Master Class is worth a lot.  

Yes, it is worth a whole lot more.  And, yes, I have charged thousands of dollars for the same information.

But one of the major reasons I built this Master Class was to make it accessible to as many people as possible, and charging multi-thousands of dollars just doesn’t make it accessible.

So for a limited time — just for my CHARTER MEMBERS (that’s YOU!) — I am offering this at the low, low price of …  

Price for Master Class

PayPal accepts a dozen or so different credit cards, and can even grant you up to six months to pay. You may also use your checking account to pay in PayPal.

OK.  That’s a very reasonable cost, but I can’t pay it all right now. Do you have a payment plan?  Yes!  we do.


How about just US$ 65 now, and US$ 65 each month for the next six months ?

Just click below:

Yes, it is worth a whole lot more.

And, yes, I have charged thousands of dollars for the same information.

So what’s the deal?

YOU are my Charter Members for this course.  I really want to make this as accessible as possible to you.

(p.s. — I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep it this low, so I do encourage you to become a member now.  Remember, even if you can’t work on your new business right now, your membership runs for TWO FULL YEARS.)


A Few FAQs

How long do I have to complete the Master Class?

You have full access to everything from Day 1, as soon as you sign up, and remain a member FOR TWO FULL YEARS. 

Go back as many times as you like, repeat lessons, review transcripts, start over, or jump around, and always keep abreast of updates and new material.

While I recommend that you work through the steps from the beginning, I know people have different ways of learning, so you choose how to approach the information. 

Is there a guarantee?


I am very confident that you will tie down a topic that is really great just for you.  I am so confident that, should you not be able to tie down a topic, I will refund all money paid — 100%. 

This is a 30 day “No questions asked”  guarantee.  If — for any reason — this Master Class does not meet your expectations, just let me know and I will refund your money. 

This guarantee holds whether you paid it in one payment or in 7 payments.  If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

Will it work for anyone?

Almost.  You do need (a) a basic knowledge of the internet and how to search; (b) the ability to build a basic website; (c) a FaceBook presence; and (d) fire in your gut.  If you’ve got those things, it WILL work for you. I don’t even try to teach you about the internet, or how to build a website.  That is something you need to learn before taking this Master Class.

Recommendation for online women's business

Roxana Cernat

Here is what one of our members said: “Thank you so much for this great opportunity on the “From Passion to Prosperity” project. I recognize I was a little bit skeptical at first. But, after I started reading the transcripts of the Step 1 tutorials, I felt truly amazed by what these tutorials made me think/feel about my passions. Practically, I’ve learned so far how to “translate” my passions into the numbers that can objectively reveal my type of niches. I have to confess that the term or idea of a “niche” was somehow confusing to me and the content of your transcripts placed this notion into the correct light for me. I am not afraid of this term anymore and, as a consequence, I am not also afraid of bringing my own unique presence into the market. Your approach from Step 1 of “From Passion to Prosperity” felt great! I am still working at Step 1 A Worksheets and I adore nich-ing around my “pie”! I am really impressed!”

Are other things included?

I do expect to have some special FREE webinars just for the members of the Master Class, so keep tuned for that. 

Will you help me personally if I get stuck?

Yes! I encourage you to post in the FaceBook group.  I will be going into that Group and checking to see what is going on.  

Between my help and the help you give to and receive from each other, you will never feel abandoned. 

Also see the note about the webinars, above, where you will be able to ask personal questions. I also have a incredible Quick Start option for those who would rather have me do the work for them.  It is quick and easy.  No fuss, just results. 

Are you really The Pro?

You bet.  I wouldn’t kid you about that.

I’ve been helping solopreneurs online for over 15 years. 

Over a decade ago I became the “niche specialist” and “monetization specialist” for a web host, and I individually coached hundreds of new online entreprenuers in identifying niches and making them profitable.   We worked on travel sites, bad breath, life coaching, diamonds, dogs, and oh so much more.  I just loved it. 

Note: I am not the coach to add bells and whistles to your site — that is someone else.  I AM THE COACH FOR NICHES AND MONETIZATION.

FROM PASSION TO PROSPERITY is different because I am focusing on recorded lessons, transcripts, workbooks and lessons,  not so much personal attention.  The personal attention is nice, but it gets very expensive very quickly. 

At this point in my career I want to reach as many creative entrepreneurs as I can, so I have opted for the master class approach.

So just how many books have you written?
[lol]  Bunches.  At one point in my career I spent about 7 years writing business plans in the venture capital field, and later I had a business plan site online.  I wrote in the neighborhood of 30 books for that website alone.  (And I wrote several hundred professional business plans too.) 

How do I contact you if I have more questions

How do I contact you if I have more questions about the Passion to Prosperity Master Class? Use the email form on this website.  That goes directly to my email IN box, and I will get back to you asap. 

Are you ready?  I am. Let’s get started right now!

PayPal accepts a dozen or so different credit cards, and can even grant you up to six months to pay. You may also use your checking account to pay in PayPal. 

 Get Started for Just US$ 65 ! (click below)



Price for Master Class

SAVE $15 BY PAYING UP FRONT NOW (The 30 day money back guarantee still applies!)


picture of MaryAnn Shank

I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

Your Solopreneur Business Pro

p.s. — If you have found this interesting or useful, please share it with your colleagues.