Image of blue morpho butterfly

Blue Morpho Butterfly from the Amazon Rainforest

For those with true sewing skills, caftans are not difficult to create, and one size pretty much fits all.  I once had a dream of opening a “butterfly caftan shop” in Pacific Grove, California, where the monarchs come to rest each year.

I had the business all planned out.  Each caftan I created would be named after a particular butterfly, and there are thousands of butterflies to choose from.  Each tag would have a picture of the real butterfly, with a bit of information about it.  What a wonderful caftan collection it was going to be!  Blues and golds and beige, with polka dots and stripes and lacy decoration.

This was a natural business for Pacific Grove.

And it is a perfect business to go online.

Yes, have a brick and mortar business if you like, but don’t stop there.  First create your own website or blog featuring your caftans, with images of all the glorious colors and styles.

scroll for picnics

For lots of ideas on how to market your business
do take a look at
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There is a whole section on
Marketing for Solopreneurs.

scroll for picnics

Then take it a few steps further.

Market your “Spanish butterfly caftans” to all kinds of Spanish related websites and groups, and your “Mediterranean butterfly caftans” to all the sites about countries around the Mediterranean.  The easiest way is simply to buy advertising on those sites.  It shouldn’t cost much.  For $10-20 you should get a nice placement on almost any site.

Become an affiliate company.  Whenever another site puts your product on their pages, and sells a caftan, you give them a commission.  This is a little trickier to set up, but it can be done reasonably inexpensively.

How about a rich brown caftan for a coffee site, or a chocolate site?

Or go the other way around, i.e., feature your rich brown caftan on your own site and package it with a box of gourmet chocolates!

If you are not wild about setting up a shop on your site, then set up an Etsy shop — they can handle your financial transactions easily, at little cost.  (But don’t neglect your own website or blog — it is still essential for your independent marketing.)

I never got my Butterfly Caftan Shop in Pacific Grove.  Life happens, and I got pulled in other directions.

But you can do it.  Now.  Online.

Let me know about it so I can go visit it too!