string puppets for blog
I had a wretched time choosing an image for this puppets blog post.  There are just so many inspiring, incredible ideas for puppets of all kinds, like

  • Shadow puppets
  • String puppets
  • Hand puppets
  • Finger puppets
  • Chinese puppets
  • Mexican puppets
  • Indian puppets
  • Eskimo puppets
  • Storybook puppets
  • Clown puppets
  • French puppets
  • Animal puppets
  • Paper bag puppets
  • Spoon puppets
  • Bali puppets
  • Japanese puppets
  • Sock puppets

… Well, you see my problem.  The pink costumed ones above are actually string puppets created in India.  Aren’t they gorgeous!

There are so many kinds of puppets that creating a blog just on “puppets” may be a bit overwhelming.  You will likely want to narrow it down.  As you look for your perfect topic, do join the totally FREE MASTER CLASS “Find Your Ideal Client, and Thousands More Just Like Her.”  It will help you focus your blog to differentiate it from all the other puppet blogs out there.

Years ago when I was a children’s librarian, the Friends of the Library contracted with a local carpenter to make a puppet theatre for the children’s area.  Goodness, we had such fun.  The children created plays, and I created plays.

I went back to visit that library a couple of years ago, and that same puppet theatre is still there, with a box beside it just bursting with creative, fun puppets.  And that, incidentally, is probably one of your key targets: librarians and elementary school teachers.

Should your culture reflect one of the amazing societies in the world, whether it is Mexican, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, or any other society, look to that society to bring you inspiration for your puppet blog.  Creating a blog that speaks to your heart means that it will speak to others’ hearts as well.

And don’t be shy about creating plays for your puppets!  Draw upon the folklore of a region that you know well, or create your very own folktales.  There are a number of women who are re-writing the old fairy tales to present women as stronger and smarter than the original tales ever did, and you can add your voice to that chorus too!

Monetizing your blog or website should be a breeze.

  • Create your own signature puppets;
  • Act as an affiliate to sell designs created by others;
  • Offer collections of scripts that you have written;
  • Track down books of puppet plays and offer those;
  • Offer blueprints for puppet theatres;
  • Create kits to include all materials for a simple theatre and several puppets sized to be just right for it, along with a script or two;
  • Write “how to” booklets on how to create different types of puppets, perhaps with patterns or materials included;
  • Create individual puppets for special children, with eyes and hair to match theirs.

I am sure there are other things that you can do too.

This would be such a wonderful family business with your children contributing ideas and helping to make the puppets and their costumes, maybe even writing plays!

All in all, a puppet blog is just a great topic.  It’s got beauty, charm, solid income potential, creativity, and family participation potential.

Go for it!