steampunk fairy onlineFairies have burst online in a big, big way.  And it is not just your traditional fairies.  There are new fairies, fairies I have never heard of before.  The image is of “Punky”, my steampunk fairy.  I didn’t know there was such a creature until I got one as a gift.

I’ve actually been tuned into fairies lately because I have a captivating statue of the Goddess Brigid.  Brigid had fairies under her protection, as well as a number of other wonderful things.  So I have been on the outlook for special fairies to give my Brigid a bit of company.  I have a bronze fairy, a plush fairy, a brass fairy, a crystal fairy, a fairy on a stick for the garden, several pictures of fairies of all ilk, and Punky.  I would never have guessed that at this point in life I would begin collecting fairies, but I have.

And so have a number of my friends.  They are amazingly popular.

The potential for a website on fairies is simply outstanding.  In fact, there are so many different kinds of fairies that I suggest you limit yourself a bit.  Perhaps Celtic fairies could be your specialty.  Or Norse fairies.  Or even modern fairies.

  • Then tell some of the tales of these fairies.  Create your own story books, with your own drawings.  Make a coloring book.
  • Look to book publishers for more fairy books — Amazon no doubt has quite a few.
  • Create your own fairies out of wood or cloth or metal fabrication.
  • Create fairy costumes for children, and perhaps grown ups too.
  • How about some fairy candlesticks?  or a bedspread for a child’s room?  or a charm for a bracelet?
  • Create fairy bedspreads and curtains.
  • Create an online store, with all manner of fairy folk.
  • Build a fairy bookstore — fairy stores are hugely popular.
  • Create your own style of fairy in ceramics or soft fabrics.  Give them houses to live in and friends amongst  the wee folk.

The possibilities are truly endless.

If you are not comfortable handling money transactions, set up a shop on Etsy — they do a grand job of handling credit cards, and an Etsy shop just won’t cost much.

But also set up your own website.  No one else is going to promote your business for you, not even Etsy.  So learn what you can about identifying clients and marketing your products.

The Master Class From Passion to Prosperity was developed with creative people like you in mind!

If fairies aren’t your cup o’ tea, try garden gnomes or elves or dragons.  There is just so much mystery floating about that you are bound to find something to suit your fancy.

The internet is where your fancy can take flight, creating a fun long term business with a delightful topic.  Let your inner elf fly!