Image of Victorian dollhouse

        A Victorian Dollhouse

Miniatures and dollhouses are Big Time home business.  Period.  There is an immense society of people who create miniature worlds.

One dear friend has created several small worlds; she takes pictures of posed dolls and I follow her stories avidly as she posts them on her FaceBook page.  Soon she will turn those images into a Kindle book, and I have no doubt at all that it will be very popular.

Options for this miniature world are truly endless.  How about

  • Miniature towns and landscaping for railroad buffs;
  • Doll houses for girls;
  • Doll houses for big girls like you and me;
  • Creating clothes for period dolls;
  • Creating furniture to scale for dollhouses and towns;
  • Telling stories with your dolls, with images or videos;

… and many more very creative avenues.

Here’s the basic scoop on miniatures as a home business:

Income potential:     Moderate to substantial
Computer skills needed:     Would be a huge advantage
Online business?     Would be great online business
Part time/ Full time     Both
Growth potential     Excellent
Skills needed:     Know your craft, whether it is creating the miniatures or telling stories with them, or both
Start Up Costs:     Low to moderate
Overall rating:  A


image of a dollhouse Christmas

A dollhouse Christmas, complete with gifts and a tiny tree

This is a home business that will challenge every creative gene you’ve got!  If I were to re-do my life, I think I would find part of the miniature world to live in.  It is challenging.  It has a built in community of creators.  It is incredibly diverse.  And it can be quite lucrative.

And the online potential for well-constructed hand made dollhouse products is quite good.  Take a look at the immense products available.  There are tiny books, all hand made for tiny bookshelves.  There are itsy bitsy wash tubs and lamps and whole doll houses, as well as costumes and hats from every single era.  All is built to scale. It is just gorgeous.

Whatever your skill, you will find an outlet here.

Your goal will be first to create an amazing product.  Then promote it to the miniature world via online sales.  If you are in a large city, there may be retail outlets that want to carry locally made miniatures, but most of us don’t have that option.  The internet was made for this type of business.

As a note:  Even if you live in a smaller town, consider developing a line of miniatures for your local hospital shop or historical museum.  You may not reap huge sales from this, but it does wonders for your ego when people recognize you on the street as the “miniature lady”.


Some of this is direct selling, like to local shops and at craft fairs, and many craftspeople have difficulty with that.  If you have trouble with direct selling, stick with the internet option.

Should you opt for online sales, learn about creating a solid website, handling payments and shipping.  Look into Etsy for the money handling portion of your business.  Be prepared to become an active participant in online communities of miniature crafters and buyers.

Your most important challenge is to create absolutely top quality products.  Reputations are not established on “cheap”; reputations are established on quality.  Since everything you create will be created by hand, you will not be duplicating anything else that might be available — it will all be uniquely yours.

For storytellers who need art, this is really a natural.  There are dolls and doll houses and costumes and decor from every possible historical period.  Should you write about a fantasy world, odds are that there will be designers who would love to create something just for you.

Whatever business option you are now considering, stop a moment and see if the miniature world of a dollhouse home business might be a better option.  (Yes, I am personally sold on this amazing business option!)