Elder persons dietYou don’t have to be elderly to appreciate the fact that our diets change as we age, and a diet especially for the elderly is a real blessing.

Suppose, for example, that your parents or grandparents or other treasured older person had special dietary needs. Yes, their doctor could provide some guidelines, but to make those meals truly savory … ah, there’s the rub!

Or you wanted to use your culinary talents to establish a meal delivery service?

Or you had special dietary needs yourself?

Remember, folks don’t have to be in a wheel chair before the issue of special diets becomes important. Many people in their fifties and sixties begin looking for this information, so keep your focus a bit broad.

Gosh, I never thought I would look for a special diet. Simply put, I was never going to get old. “Old” was rocking chairs and cats. Well, I’ve got my kitties now, but I’m not old. I just want a menu of delicacies, things that taste wonderful and meet my nutritional needs AND that I can eat in smaller servings.

That just doesn’t sound like too much to ask for, but finding it is tough.

Many special diets share a few characteristics. For example, many of them are low salt, low fat and low calorie diets. All of that says “yucky”, at least until you put your special chef’s hat on.

There just isn’t much online to help those on special diets. And that, of course, is where you come in.

First create the blog or website.

  • Include great recipes
  • Name brand names that are good to look for in the store
  • Give nutritional info on all your recommendations
  • Show whole meals, and all day menus that provide all the essential nutrients
  • Talk about which substitutes work, and which ones don’t, like fake sugars
  • Create special cakes and desserts that the elderly can actually eat and enjoy
  • Print your site in large enough font so that elders can read it easily (the font on this site is probably too small)
  • Include lots of links to other information for elders

For real help in creating a blog or website for this group, do check out the Master Class “From Passion to Prosperity”. It walks you step by step through the process to reach your targeted audience.

Marketing to this group would be relatively easy. Rather than marketing directly to those over 60, market to their children, or to their grandchildren. It is the younger generations who spend so much time online, so they are the ones you will catch with your marketing.

PINTEREST. This would make a great Pin

FACEBOOK GROUPS. You’ve got so many to choose from that it will set your head to spinning!

OTHER BLOGS. There aren’t as many as I expected, but there are still a lot. Choose your blogs and guest post everywhere you can.

AARP RELATED BLOG/SITES. Millions of elders are tied into these blogs/sites. Do focus on them, even if you have to pay to place an ad.

The monetization options here are nearly limitless.

  • Create your own ebook
  • Sell others’ books as an Amazon affiliate
  • Sell books via ClickBank, both yours and others’
  • Sell chef’s hats for seniors with clever sayings and images
  • Look for special aprons, ones that tie in front
  • Kitchen tools and paraphernalia stuff is endless
  • Be a diet coach!

So … what are you waiting for?

The world needs the information and energy you have to share. The success of your  diet blog for elders may surprise even you!