woman on cruiseThis is the perfect business for the fashionista who travels:  clothes for that Caribbean cruise, or for the Alaskan cruise, or the Mediterranean cruise.

This idea comes to mind because I once again stepped into a local store with my favorite saleswoman, Lindy.  Lindy just knows Style.  She just knows what goes with what, and what looks good on me.  And she really knows how to dress for a cruise.  I watched her one day as she sold nearly twenty pieces to a woman going on a cruise.  It was all mix and match.  It all packed easily.  And it made heavy use of accessories to change a look, like a bright yellow scarf to dress up a blue and white pants set.  And when Lindy didn’t have a special evening gown, she told the customer where to go and what to look for.  Did I mention that I love Lindy?  She is simply a great fashionista to know.

This is exactly the kind of business that you can take online.  Just think of all the ways you can approach this:

  • Clothes for a balmy cruise, or a cold one
  • Easy packables for a dressy evening
  • Essential shoes, on the boat and off
  • Accessorize for jazzy looks
  • Easy, stunning masquerades
  • From sunset to sunrise — all aboard, and coming back again
  • Packing tricks for longer cruises
  • Coats and wraps on board a ship
  • Packing, with room for souvenirs
  • What to buy on board, and what to avoid
  • What to look for in ports of call

I especially like that last one.  That one has typically been missed by most sites, probably because there is no commission here.  But there CAN be a commission.  Not everyone can fit a sombrero into their suitcase, so offer genuine sombreros on your site,  or maracas, or breakables.  And if you show things that you don’t get a commission on, well that’s just fine — your guests on your site will appreciate your efforts even more.

How To Earn Money On A Cruise Clothing Website


This is the most obvious option, and it is as good one.  There are thousands of clothing companies that would like for you to present their lines to their clients.

Don’t forget shoes and accessories, both essentials on a cruise.

Also look for suitcases that just work well on cruises.  Not everyone knows what options are the best, so you be sure to tell them.

Consider too including some toiletry essentials — what to take, what the cruise line will like provide.  Sunglasses and foldable umbrellas are good options.


This is perhaps less obvious, but potentially very lucrative.  Actually promote cruises from your website.

It will require extra work on your part, but could be well worth it.  You will need to contact cruise lines in advance and determine what your commission will be for each lead you send them, or for each lead who purchases a cruise.  When you do so, make sure there is a way for you to track the lead/sale that you give to the cruise line.

Try working with a smaller cruise line or two, as well as a major line or two.  Don’t try to represent everyone.  Start small and work the kinks out of your system, then expand to more.

Think about creating a short questionnaire that your visitor can fill out with what they are looking for.  Send that lead to your established cruise line contact person, and follow up via emails with the lead to see if she really did book that cruise.

Since most cruises cost several thousand dollars, the potential here is substantial.


Should you create the perfect shawl for cool evenings aboard ship, or great packable sun hats, this is the place to promote them.  Remember, the whole sales price goes to you, so you stand to earn more than earning just affiliate commissions.


Sell advertising to cruise lines and to clothing companies.  Pricing will depend on your traffic count, but it would be hard to have too many ads, so go with it.  This is the kind of advertising that is such a close fit with your website traffic that it truly does not interfere at all with your articles, but enhances them.

Cruise lines in particular might be interested in “leaderboards”, those banners that go across the top of your page.  These sell at a premium, so don’t be shy about promoting them.


Some people truly don’t have a clue about Style, and don’t know where to begin with planning for their cruise.  So offer to help them out. Even online, these consultations work well.  You can definitely walk someone through the process of choosing items from their current wardrobe, and accenting them with new pieces that you can provide.

Simply put, this just has great potential.  Since people who go on cruises tend to have a bit of money, you can even rest assured that they will be able to afford your offerings.

Should you opt for this, do let me know in the Comments below.  I would wager that a number of visitors to this site could use a cruise clothing fashionista!