Mother with bamboo clothing for infantI recommend a website business on creating bamboo clothing for infants because (a) the general market for children’s clothing is immense, and (b) bamboo is really an astonishing fabric to work with

If you were a first time mom (or grandma or auntie), what would you look for in infant clothing?  “Organic” is big. “Fair trade” is big.  Something durable for sure.  And it has to be adorable.

Creating with bamboo may meet all of these criteria.  It marries the magnificent topics of “bamboo” and “infant clothing”.  Add in “organic” and “fair trade” and you’ve got a real winner. (See below for the discussion on “organic”.)

At first glance there is a humongous market online for infant clothing.  But when you stop to examine it, there really are woefully few that are organic, fair trade, durable and adorable.

This is not the easiest business to start.  You will need a strong artistic bent and sewing skill.  And you will need to know how to target your potential client online.  You may choose to custom make each piece, and/or carry an inventory for instant shipping.

There are a number of bamboo fabric wholesalers online, so that is your first stop.  Some of the fabrics are plain, and some are printed.

Choosing your artistic medium is the next step.  You may applique on the base garment, or print fabric yourself, or paint cute personalizations, or simply design clothing that is infant sweet, or any combination of techniques.

Don’t forget blankets and swaddling clothes.  There is a wonderful market for creative work here, and it may be a lot easier than creating one-sies.

I recommend creating your own because that is where the real money is.  You will be creating a premium product, at a premium price.  You may be able to distribute via a few specialty shops, but for the most part I suspect your strongest market will be online.

Some craftspeople prefer purchasing a base garment or blanket, then creating on top of it, and that is a valid approach.

Some might prefer creating a shop that features items created by others.  While this is a real possibility, I do caution you that this approach will require stronger coding skills and internet skills than if you created your own products.  When you create your own, you will set up a customer service line for questions and problems and handle it directly.  When you represent others, that just doesn’t work as smoothly, if at all.

Marketing your infant bamboo clothing will be a breeze.  Using the free tools we use in From Passion to Prosperity tie down your new moms, your grandmas and grandpas, and even limit them by income level or housing value.  You will have more than enough potential business to keep you busy for a very long time.

This definitely has worldwide potential.  It is not difficult to ship clothing, so open up that possibility in your marketing research.

The Massive Caveat On Bamboo Clothing

I have several bamboo fabric items, and I absolutely love them.  They are so soft, so durable.  I thought they were silk when I bought them.

Then one day a saleswoman in one of my favorite shops said they wouldn’t be carrying bamboo anymore.  She explained why, and the answer surprised me.

You see, I thought that bamboo was ecologically sound.  I would like to say that bamboo is THE answer to ecological concerns for fabric makers.  But I can’t.  This is an intense conversation with a lot of curves.  The bottom line is that the bamboo plant is very ecologically friendly, but the process that is used to create the fabric may not be.  There is one kind of bamboo fabric, called bamboo linen, that may work for you.

Before opting for this type of business, I strongly recommend that you take some time to study the bamboo fabric industry.  See if you can identify a new process that meets your organic standards.  There is likely some already available, but it is likely pricey.  Here is a good place to start:  This is a great article on the organic concerns surrounding bamboo manufacturing.  Please do study it, and track down more as well.  There may be more recent articles that will shed more light on the issue, and talk directly with the manufacturers.

Quite honestly, I spent a while researching this topic, and I do not have a definitive answer on whether or not bamboo is organically processed.

If this style of business sincerely interests you, set up a Google search term and have all new articles about bamboo fabric processing sent directly to you.

I do hope that by the time you read this article that the bamboo industry will have found a better and cheaper process to turn bamboo into clothing.  The fabric is truly so amazing, so soft, so durable.  If such a fabric is not available at this moment, odds are that it will become available soon.