coloring book for solopreneurWhen I first saw coloring books appear, I thought it was cute, a passing fad.  But it is not a passing fad any more.  In fact, coloring books is a great business for solopreneurs.

Thousands of people of all ages, with all kinds of interests, snatch up these gems.  Even I, a book worm to the end, have now twice presented programs for women using coloring books as our focused activity.  They were great for establishing an aura of meditation, and opened up unexpected communications on why someone chose a particular image, or why one person used pastels and another preferred jewel tones.

And in my own stressful moments, I am known to pull out a mandala or a garden scene and simply sit and color for my own pleasure.

The Real Advantages to a Coloring Book Business

One of the big plusses is that coloring books are not difficult to create.  In fact, for a solopreneur artist, this is likely one of the easier businesses to work on.  Do a bit of research, find out what is popular, and create your visions for others to color.

And, since the inner pages are all in black and white, this is not an expensive book to create.

With the slews and slews of possible topics, finding a topic that suits your fancy — and your talents — should be a breeze.

The Planning Process for a Solopreneur Coloring Book

The real challenge in this type of business is identifying the buyer before you begin to market.  There are a few publishers who specialize in this type of publication,and that is a good beginning  But most publishers won’t do a whole lot on the distribution and marketing end.  Most of that will up to you.


Your buyer may be a child or an adult, male or female, rural or urban, English speaking or not, have particular interests, want to learn particular things, want simple or complex images.

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This Master Class is designed just for solopreneurs like you, ones who need to identify a particular market group.  Once your market is identified, then you can really create!

I do have one suggestion.  If your user is a child, target the marketing to adults, i.e, parents and grandparents.  The parents and grandparents are the ones who will actually buy your book, and — trust me — you don’t want to get mixed up in the rules about online promotion to children.

Market Your Coloring Book

Generally speaking, you will be better off creating a small group of coloring books all targeted to the same market.  It costs only a little more to market three books, rather than one book, and your sales can skyrocket with mMarketing for the solopreneurore options.

The big publishing companies have rooms full of marketing experts, with dozens focusing just on social medial stuff.  You are one person; you just can’t do that.  Thankfully, there are lots of other things that you can do, things that the big publishing companies don’t bother with.

You will find a whole section on “Marketing for the Solopreneur” in the Passion to Prosperity Master Course.  That is where you will find the book “TOP MARKETING TACTICS FOR THE TIME CHALLENGED SOLOPRENEUR”.  Here is where we really tackle the issue of “How do I compete with BigCo?”  You cannot imagine how gleeful I was when I discovered how many options we actually have as solopreneurs.

Coloring books also lend themselves to tiny marketing niches, like the city museum or local playhouse.  Look at local, regional and statewide topics, as well as the general interest topics like mandalas.

There are so many great, great options in this coloring book solopreneur business.  Let your ideas and your creativity fly!