coffee for solopreneurDo you make really great coffee, solopreneur?

mmmmmm.  Neither do I.

But that wouldn’t stop me from creating a really great coffee blog.  And what fun!  Here’s some of the posts I could create:

  • How to brew a great cup of coffee for a solo;
  • How to brew a great cup of coffee for dozens of guests;
  • Where coffee comes from;
  • Features on the greatest coffee houses in every city in the world (Your visitors can help you with these!);
  • The difference between Kenya coffee and Brazilian coffee;
  • How to create a “Good Morning” swirl, like the picture;
  • What is the “decaf” process;
  • The perfect cream for your coffee;
  • Did ancient Egyptians drink coffee?
  • Why “fresh” coffee makes all the difference;
  • Biscotti and other delights;
  • Why non-GMO coffee is so good (and so healthy);
  • What “fair trade” means in the coffee world;

… and so much more. 

coffee for solopreneursIn fact, once you get going on the coffee houses all over the world, there is just no stopping.  Goodness, I’ve got my favorite coffee house, and I’d gladly tell the world about it.  It is where I sip a cup o’ and do most of my writing.  Oh, there’s another topic:  Writers who get inspired by coffee (and there are lots of them).

Hey, there’s my coffee house!

Rogue Valley Coffee Roasting isn’t downtown.  It is off on an auxiliary street.  But locals can find it just dandy.  All ages, from babes to old retired folk, frequent my coffee shop.

The simple exterior hides the fact that most days it is bursting with energy, people overflowing onto the chairs on the deck and on the sidewalk.  If I don’t get there early enough I have a tough time even getting a seat. 

That is the kind of ambiance that your blog needs to create.  Lots of people don’t have a Rogue Valley Coffee Roasting Company to go to every day.  They seek out the warmth and camaraderie that your blog offers.

YOU are the barrista for your visitors.  Take them step by step how to create the perfect cup of coffee, then sit down and share it with them.  As any great barrista will tell you, this skill doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

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Where do you find all your great visitors? 
Take a look at From Passion to Prosperity
We ‘ve got a whole section devoted to finding your peeps using free tools.

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So.  If you are sitting and sipping, how can you possibly make money with a coffee blog?

Lots and lots of ways!  Try some of these on for size:


Become THE place to go for really great coffee beans.  You may want to become an affiliate for a coffee distributor, or buy great coffee as a wholesaler, reselling it to your visitors.  Whichever route you choose, make sure the coffee is absolutely the best available.  Everyone can buy coffee at the local supermarket.  Yours needs to be extraordinary.


Making good coffee for a crowd is tough.  Find the best urn and feature it.

coffee clock for solopreneurs

Personalized coffee clock


Gourmet coffee makers that make one cup at a time are very much in vogue, and they aren’t cheap.  Find one that is really great and offer it.  You may need to become an affiliate of Amazon or other large site to get the best pricing.


Go to Zazzle and create your own coffee related goodies.  There are dozens and dozens of items to choose from.  You can also offer goods that have been created by others, but if you have artistic talent, use it, and you will earn more on your own designs.


Coffee cups are not tea cups.  I would never drink coffee in my blue and white porcelain tea cups.  Coffee cups are robust, often colorful creations.  Give your visitor loads of options for coffee cups.


How about a membership site where every month (or every other month) you automatically send each member a special pound or two of premium coffee?  With your membership defined, you will know ahead of time how much coffee to purchase for this special offer.

That should be enough to get you started.  Bunches of other ideas will come to mind as you develop your blog. 

When you’ve got your blog up and running, let me know.  I’d love to send you another photo or two for your solopreneur coffee blog!