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Make Money At Home With Yoga

I wish I had the skill to make money at home with a yoga business.  But I don’t.  For all the yoga classes I’ve taken — and there have been quite a few — I am still not a pro. You are a yoga pro, so your choices are different. In addition to any training or certification you might have, having a home yoga studio also requires having the space at your home to create a small studio. But that’s about it.  As businesses go, it really is easy to set up. The flooring is really the big issue...

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8 Great Ways to Make Money From Home As A Virtual Assistant

Here is where your skills shine! There are actually dozens, or even hundreds, of ways to make good money at home as a virtual assistant.  I know too that it is one of the fastest growing fields throughout the whole country, all of which makes this a great business to pursue. So, what is a virtual assistant?  Well, ..Do you (1) type accurately, and fast? Yeah! …Can you (2) write a solid report? Double yeah! …Do you(3) know medical terminology?  or (4) legal terminology?  or (5) know how to write a press release?  Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah! More cheers for...

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8 Sensational Online Business Ideas

I had a tough time narrowing it down to just 8 best 0nline business ideas, for in truth there are thousands. But use these 8 to jog your own creative spirit and see what you can come up with! These all had to be businesses with products that could ship easily, not be infringing on anyone else’s copyright or trademark, and be truly unique, i.e., ideas that cannot be copied from the local drugstore. But there are lots and lots of these truly great online business ideas to choose from!

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Make Money At Home With Unique Skills

Aren’t we special!  You and I have skills and abilities that no one else has. Skills that can generate a nice income from a home business.  Sometimes it is a lot of money, and sometimes it is more modest. So let’s take a quick inventory of your uniqueness, and see what you might have hidden away. What do you do on vacation?  Ski? Fish? Go sight seeing in far away places?  Any of those activities could make a great home business. When you go into a book store, which books do you gravitate to?  Cookbooks?  Romances? Biographies of world...

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Make Money At Home With Your Teaching Skills

We are a curious people.  We search, and research, and learn.  And if your skills include teaching, you can make some very nice money from a home business.  And it doesn’t matter what your subject is! Consider Alyce.  She taught English to high schoolers, and worked in the night school with immigrants learning English.  She could have chosen either set of students to work with for her home business, but she chose the foreign students.  And it was an excellent choice.  In her night classes were students who could connect her the right people in Arabic countries and in...

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Make Money At Home With Creative Skills

You and I are far more creative than we give ourselves credit for, and yes! we can make money from home using those creative skills. When you stop to think about it, just about every business in the world requires some kind of creativity, whether it is baby sitting as a teenager or managing an office or discovering new genes.  If these teens and admins and scientists were not creative, odds are that they would not have the jobs they do have. So what makes a “creative business” different? For starters, a creative entrepreneur enjoys the creative aspects of...

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Make Money At Home – More Ideas

There are more ideas for making money at home than any website or any blog can possibly list.  I know;  I tried;  and it cannot be done. Actually, every single time that I see a business — and we see hundreds every day — it is a unique business concept.  A restaurant is not a restaurant … it is a coffee shop with gingham tables cloths, or an Italian deli with great salami, or a seafood restaurant specializing in all kinds of lobster.  Clothing stores are not just clothing stores.  Even a “life coach” is not just a life...

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Make Money From Home With Your Admin Skills!

Odds are pretty good that you, like me, have quite a few admin skills sitting around, skills that could be used to generate income from home. How about Computer skills Microsoft Word and/or Excel Graphics skills Organizational skills Team building skills Letter writing Report writing Telephone skills … all these, and lots more, will hold you in good form as you begin to build your home business.  These skills may seen pretty basic to you, but trust me, those who don’t possess these skills envy you to no end! Now that you’ve had a chance to take a peek...

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